wifi signal strength software

wifi signal strength software

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What is Wi-Fi signal strength?

Wifi signal strength refers to the reliability of your wifi network connection. you would like a real wifi signal strength for various online activities. We wrote an entire article on the way to run a test to see your wifi signal strength.

It doesn’t matter if you’re employing a phone, tablet, or laptop; you’ll need a robust wifi signal for all of them to browse online, check emails, stream videos, and more.

Wifi signal strength is measured in multiple ways, but the foremost common is decibels per milliwatt (dBm). Understanding different measurements like milliwatts (mW) or Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) are often helpful, but it’s more common than you will see signals measured in dBm.

Signals measured in dBm will display as negative numbers. The dBm scale ranges from -30 to -90.

What is a good signal?

A perfect signal is -30 dBm. Likely, you are doing not have an ideal signal, but that’s OK. Any signal between -67 to -30 dBm will allow you to perform most online activities.

Here is what the size seems like and what each signal strength measurement means:

-30 dBm: this is often the utmost signal strength. If you’ve got this measurement, you’re likely standing right next to the access point.

-50 dBm: this is often considered a superb signal strength.

-60 dBm: this is often a real signal strength.

-67 dBm: this is often a reliable signal strength. This is often the minimum for any online services that need a reliable connection and wifi signal strength.

-70 dBm: this is often not robust signal strength. You’ll be ready to check your email.

-80 dBm: this is often an unreliable signal strength. You’ll be ready to hook up with your network, but you’ll not support most online activities.

-90 dBm: this is often a nasty signal strength. You’re unlikely to attach to the internet at this level.

Ideally, you’re looking to fall within the -60 dBm to -50 dBm range (since -30 dBm is unlikely). A sign strength at -67 dBm will work for a short time, but this is often the minimum strength you’ll want before your connection starts to suffer.

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If you’re getting a nasty signal, it might be thanks to obstacles like thick walls or your router is too far out of reach. But if that isn’t the case, checking your signal to ascertain the strength level may be a good place to start diagnosing the matter.

Here are 5 free software to live wifi signal strength. Using this free software, you’ll easily measure your wifi’s signal quality, which is coming from the router. This software can easily measure wifi signals and use dBm as a unit to point them out to you. Aside from getting the wifi signal strength, you’ll also see various other properties about the wifi networks, like MAC address, SSID, cipher, and a few others.

Measuring wifi signal are often useful in many cases. For instance, if you’re installing a wifi router at your home, then you’ll calculate wifi strength from various corners of your house to make a decision on which location is best for the wifi router. And that’s where these free software are available handy.

5 Free Software to Measure WiFi Signal Strength


NetSpot may be free software to live wifi signal strength. The software comes with an intuitive interface and lists all the wifi near you alongside certain details. For example, you’ll see MAC address, SSID, channel, width, network graph, and in fact, signal strength right from its interface. NetSpot shows the wifi signal strength in various ways. First, it shows the particular signal strength, minimum, maximum, and average signal strength. Second, it shows the signal strength in Decibel-milliwatt (dBm), and you’ll also sort the wifi list consistent with the signal strength.

It’s pretty easy to urge started with NetSpot to live wifi signal strength. Just download its setup file from the above link, then install it on your PC. then, open it up, and it’ll show you all the available wifi connections. You’ll see the varied details of a few particular wifi connections and its corresponding strength. The software is sensible enough to point out the wifi graph and wifi strength in various ways. You’ll see the minimum, maximum, average, and actual wifi signal strength. And after getting the signal strength, you’ll do whatever you would like.


Homedale is another free software to live wifi signal strength. The software is extremely simple to use and shows the wifi stats of your router and nearby router in various ways. It shows the signal strength in dBm, and aside from that, it also shows the graphical view of the wifi signals. There’s another feature in it to ascertain the frequency graph of the wifi connections nearby you. Additionally, the software comes with a location detector to inform your exact location using Google maps.

It’s very easy to live wifi signal strength using Homedale. Download its portable executable from the above link and, therefore the launch it. You’ll see its tabular interface, and every tab of the software shows different information about wifi. to ascertain the signal strength of the specific wifi connection, switch to the Access points tab, and there it’ll show you the list of nearby wifi connections alongside their SSID, MAC address, Vendor, and signal strength. The signal strength is in dBm, and you’ll sort the wifi list in ascending and descending order by just clicking on the signal. Next, you’ll switch to the Access Point Signal Graph and Frequency Usage tabs to ascertain the various network graphs of the wifi signals. See the above screenshot.

3.Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector

Xirrus wifi inspector may be an excellent software to live wifi signal strength. The software comes with a nice GUI and shows many properties a few particular wifi connections. For example, you’ll see the SSID, MAC address, IP address, DNS, Gateway, channel, frequency, wifi mode, and the wifi signal strength. The software also can show you the wifi graph of a specific or all the wifi networks on its interface.

Using Xirrus wifi Inspector is extremely easy. Catch on from the above link, then install it on your PC. then. Once you launch it, you’ll see its interface, which has various sections. There you’ll see the small print like IP address, DNS, a gateway for the wifi you’re connected to. You’ll also see the small print about other wifi connections, like MAC address, SSID, signal strength in dBm, etc. So, use the software to live signal strength, amplitude, then do whatever you would like.

4.Acrylic Wi-Fi Home

Acrylic wifi Home allows you to see RSSI and, therefore, the corresponding graph for the wifi signal strength. It’s quite powerful software that will show you the varied details about your wifi network and your nearby wifi networks. It shows wifi details like SSID, cipher, supported wifi standards, MAC address, channel, Vendor, and RSSI for the wifi networks. The software also shows you the graph for the wifi signals.

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It’s very easy to urge the wifi signal strength of your or particular wifi connection using Acrylic wifi Home. First, grab its setup file from the above link, then install it. Next, launch it, and it’ll start scanning the available wifi networks for you. After it’s done, you’ll be ready to see the wifi networks alongside all the essential details, including wifi signal strength. You’ll get the RSSI of any wifi network, which it shows in dBm. See the above screenshot.


dot11Expert may be a lightweight (~1.5 MB) software to live wifi strength. It can show you the RSSI of any wifi network nearby you on its interface. It shows the various properties of the available wifi networks like SSID, MAC address, signal quality, RSSI, etc. Additionally, the software also can show you some advanced details of a few particular wifi networks. You’ll read more about it here.

To know the signal strength of a wifi network using dot11Expert, first catch on from the above link, then install it. Now, open it up, and on its main window, you’ll see the available wifi connections nearby you and, therefore, their details. You’ll see the amplitude, quality, and strength of specific wifi then you are doing whatever you wish with information.

User Questions:

1.What is wifi dBm?

Wifi signal strength is hard . … Ultimately, the simplest and most consistent thanks to express signal strength is with dBm, which stands for decibels relative to a milliwatt. Since RSSI is handled differently by most wifi adapters, it’s always converted to dBm to form it consistent and human-readable.

2.Why is my wifi so slow?

There are many reasons your Internet connection might appear slow. For example, it might be a drag together with your modem or router, wifi signal, signal strength on your cable line, devices on your network saturating your bandwidth, or maybe a slow DNS server.

3.Is 300 Mbps fast?

With a download speed of 300Mbps, you’ll do almost anything you want to try on the web, on multiple devices at an equivalent time. as an example, you’ll watch online video on 12 devices at an equivalent time in ultra-HD (4K) quality. … With a 300Mbps connection, you’ll also download files fairly quickly.

4.Best method for periodic testing of wifi coverage and speed

Best method for periodic testing of wifi coverage and speed from networking

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