Why is Facebook so Slow


Why is Facebook so slow?

People nowadays complain about the slow loading of Facebook. This is often mainly due to the addition of features. New features are handy for the users, but they also put a lot of weight on the App and server.

To emphasize more, the fundamental problem has been too many uses of JavaScript programming to launch any new Facebook feature.

When Marc Zuckerburg launched Facebook in 2004, it was an elementary and fundamental site with limited features. Still, throughout these 16 long years, they added plenty of new features, leading to slow loading. Undergo the following points to seek out the rationale why your Facebook might running slow.

What Causes Facebook to Load Slowly

Slow loading can sometimes be very irritating if you’re trying to seem into your timeline or watch a stimulating video. There are several reasons, thanks to which Facebook can run slow regardless of whether you’re using PC or mobile.

Some exclusive PC or laptops problems that will make Facebook load slowly are:

  • Third-party toolbars which are installed within the browser 
  • Unnecessary browser extension installed.
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Now coming to such problems which are liable for slow loading of Facebook in both devices (PC or mobile phones)

  1. Server Issues
  2. The version of the online browser
  3. No cleaning of cache cookies
  4. Internet Issues
  5. Not using VPN

Simple Steps for Fixing up the Errors:

To repair the slow-loading issue, you’ll check the steps mentioned below:

1. Check Your Internet Connection: Slow Loading is often caused by slow internet. Check your internet connection properly. If everything is alright, but the matter persists, you would possibly contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

2. Use a VPN: As mentioned earlier, a slow internet connection is among the main problems with Facebook loads sluggishly. However, if your internet connection is ok, but there’s no improvement in loading Facebook, a user can take help from VPNs.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can make Facebook load fast by connecting with a particular server. Just in case your ISP server faces any difficulties, it won’t create any problem for you to use Facebook when employing a VPN.

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Not only faster Facebook, but VPN also can assist you to guard your private data and withdraw any location restriction by providing you a secure connection.

3. Keeping System Clean: If you’re running Facebook from a PC, attempt to close the unnecessary background programs. Just in case you’re a mobile user, clear your recent apps and restart the App.

Clearing cache, cookies, and browsing history are also recommended to keep your device clean.

4. Browser Version: Sometimes, Facebook doesn’t run on older browser versions, so it’s better to run Facebook on the newest browser version. Sometimes, re-installing your browser can also help your computer process all the files and settings to run Facebook smoothly.

5. Disabling third-party toolbars from your Web browser: Any third-party toolbar or extension can hamper your loading speed while you’re using a PC or laptop to access Facebook.

Removing those toolbars or extensions are often beneficial. However, a user can only determine if the tools or stretching are required to serve their purposes or not. 

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In case you’re a Google Chrome browser user, you would like to type “chrome://extensions/” within the address bar to seek out all the extensions installed. Disable those which are unnecessary and of no use.

If you’re a Mozilla Firefox user, you’ll click on the “Tools” menu to seek out the add-ons you would like to disable.

6. Re-installing If any errors occur thanks to JavaScript, one user can re-install JavaScript to repair the error.

7. Check for App update: If you’re using the Facebook App on mobile, there could be an update waiting at the play store. Just update the App, and your App should run smoothly.

8. Third-Party Apps: Some third-party applications are available through Ads and claim to reinforce your Facebook experience. Just in case you’ve got downloaded one, uninstall the App and check out loading again. This could fix your problem as most of those Apps are malware, making your App perform slower.