Why Are There Red X’s on My Folders Windows 10? Fix It Now!

Why Are There Red X's on My Folders Windows 10? Fix It Now!

Here we can see “Why Are There Red X’s on My Folders Windows 10? Fix It Now!

Why Are There Red X’s on My Folders Windows 10?

Some users report that once they access Windows File Explorer, they find a red circle with an X on the logical disk drive icons. Windows 10 red x on icons may be a rare error. But it’s an annoying error.

Till now, the precise reasons for red x on files Windows 10 is unknown. But, when this issue occurs, it always means the file/folder/disk isn’t refreshing, updating, or syncing.

If you’re also bothered by this question, don’t worry! The Windows 10 red x on icons issue is often solved using different methods. Regardless of the difficulty of local disk drive disks, disks mapped on a network, files, or folders. You’ll try these methods to assist you out.

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How to Remove Windows 10, Red X, on Icons?

To remove red X on folders, files, or disk drives in Windows 10, you’ll try these methods:

Reinstall the Cloud Service App

If you’ve got installed some cloud service applications like OneDrive, Dropbox, etc., on your computer, you’ll encounter this issue quickly.

So, you’ll update/reinstall the cloud service apps to possess a try.

Disconnect Network Drive

If the drive is mapped, you’ll disconnect the drive to possess a try.

  1. Open File Explorer.
  2. Select the down arrow within the Map network drive option, then select Disconnect network drive.
  3. Select the drive letter for the mapped drive.
  4. Click OK.

All the mapped drives are disconnected. Then, you’ll attend to check whether the Windows 10 red x on icons are gone.

Update Windows and BIOS

Someone report that they solve the difficulty by updating Windows to the newest version and updating BIOS. If the above solutions don’t work, you’ll do this method.

You still got to reboot the pc after the updating process. Don’t forget.


CHKDSK can detect and fix some issues on the drive. For example, you’ll use it to unravel the red x on files Windows 10 issue.

To do this job, you would like to run CMD as an Administrator then input the subsequent command:

chkdsk <Drive Letter>: /f /r /x /b

Then CHKDSK will begin to see and fix the found errors.

If another process employs the quantity, you’ll receive a message saying:

Chkdsk cannot run because the quantity is in use by another process. Would you wish the schedule this volume to be checked subsequent time the system restarts? (Y/N)

It would help if you pressed Y to form scheduling for disk check.

At last, you’ll restart your PC to ascertain whether the difficulty disappears.

Clear Icon Cache

You can follow these steps to clear iCon Cache on your computer:

1. attend Task Manager.

2. Scroll right down to Windows Explorer and right-click on the list. Then, select End Task.

3. Run CMD as an Admin.

4. Input and execute the subsequent commands successively:

cd /d %userprofile%\AppData\Local

attrib –h IconCache.db

del IconCache.db

start explorer

Now, the icon cache should be cleared and rebuilt.

Remove Write Protect on the disk drive. 

Removing the disk drive protection is additionally proved to be effective. Therefore, you’ll do this method to repair your issue.

Scan Viruses

Windows 10 red X in icons also can be caused by a virus attack. So, you’ll download and install dedicated antivirus software on your computer to thoroughly scan and kill the detected viruses.

We hope these solutions are helpful to repair your Windows 10 red X-on icons issue.

User Questions:

1. Red X on Pictures Folder – Why?

When I expanded the Folder SubDir’s, I see an outsized red X taking over a part of the photographs folder. When expanding the folder to look at all the subfolders, some have an x, and a few don’t. Regardless, all pictures are intact, and that I am ready to access all pictures.

Does anyone have a thought about why there’s a Red “X” on the lower left side of some folders?

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2. Why are these red x’s shooting up under the “status” section in my windows file explorer?

The version on your PC is out of sync.

To find out why to attend the proper side of the taskbar, right-click (or press and hold) the OneDrive icon and select view sync problems.

I suggest you follow the steps from the below article and check if it helps.

But, first, fix OneDrive sync problems with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista


3. what does red x mean in file explorer?

New laptop with presumably latest Windows 10. Working through some stuff, I now anger circles with an “X” inserted by some File Explorer folders – some vital like “Documents.” I attempted restarting File Explorer and rebooting the pc, but the symbols remain. Also, trying to access some files that I assumed were saved are missing. So maybe I didn’t save them, or even there’s another problem like trying to save lots of to an “X” d folder.

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Red "x" icon on files and folders from a Windows Server 2003 R2 file server. One client only. Stumped. from sysadmin

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