What Version of Windows Do I Have


Windows is the hottest operating system (OS) accessible if it comes to notebook and desktop computers. In reality, StatCounter accounts for Windows has 77% of this market share globally as of April 2020.

Even though most 77 percent employ the recent OS, Windows 10, a few individuals are using variations too as Windows XP. For many, the edition of Windows they use does not matter, as long as it does precisely what they need. But, employing an older OS opens your computer up to too many issues, particularly security problems.

Contemplating Microsoft ended support for Windows 7 in January 2020 and will end service for Windows 8.1 from Jan. 10, 2023, there is no time like the present to inspect the version of Windows your computer is operating to decide whether you want an upgrade.

Using Winver

The Quickest Way to learn what Windows OS your computer has would be to utilize precisely the winver command.

Applying this control will produce the About Windows box. This box contains three significant pieces of advice:

  1. The model of Windows your computer is running.
  2. The variant’s build number
  3. What service package is currently set up
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About Windows 7 or later, you merely have to type “winver” to the Start menu search bar to install the About Windows box. On older versions of Windows, first, you will have to start the Run application before scanning “winver.”

Searching PC Settings

If you’d like to have more information about what version of Windows your computer is operating, you can look through your computer’s preferences. On the other hand, the pathway for the data changes with every version of Windows.

Windows 10

Follow the following steps to Locate your model information in the configurations:

  • Press the Start button, that’s that the Windows logo located in the front of the taskbar.
  • Pick the Settings equipment icon at the base left corner of your Start menu.
  • Pick the System option from the Preferences box which appears.
  • Pick the About option. It ought to be the last choice from the left-wing column.
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There’s info on your Windows safety, apparatus specifications, and Windows requirements about the Internet page. Underneath the Windows specifications going, you will discover precisely the identical information found in the About Windows box, together with the date of setup. You will also observe the Devices specifications heading, informing you of the device’s title, its apparatus and product IDs, and things like this.

Windows 8

Follow the following steps to Locate your model information in the configurations:

  • If you are using a Windows PC using a touch screen, then swipe your finger in the display’s ideal border to the left side. In case your Windows PC does not have touch controls, then move your mouse towards the base right-hand corner of this display.
  • Pick the Settings gear icon.
  • Pick the Change PC configurations alternative.
  • Choose the PC and apparatus option from the left-handed column.
  • Pick the PC information tab in the left-wing column.

While from the PC information tab, you will discover info under two headings: PC and Windows. Underneath the PC going, you will find precisely the identical information located under Device specifications on Windows 10, without the Device ID. Beneath the Windows going, you will figure out the version of Windows the pc is running and when it’s been activated.

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Windows 7

Follow the following steps to Locate your model information in the configurations:

  • Press the Start button, that’s that the Windows logo located at the left of the taskbar.
  • Sort Computer from the search box.
  • Right-click on the Display icon, which looks underneath the Programs heading.
  • Select Properties in your drop-down menu.

From the Properties window, then you will discover info regarding the Windows variant, Windows detection, program specifications, and personal name, domain name, and workgroup settings.

Based on Apple service, it is possible to set up Windows 10 on specific Macs, with this Apple app Boot Camp Assistant’s assistance. Therefore, we presumed Mac users would probably be acquainted with precisely the Windows version they are running since they should change between macOS and Windows whenever they restart their device.