How to: Add Web Captures to Your Edge Collections

How to: Add Web Captures to Your Edge Collections

Here we can see, “How to: Add Web Captures to Your Edge Collections”

  1. An Edge user noticed a button that said, “Add capture to Collections.”
  2. He demonstrated the new feature on a dedicated tech forum while mentioning his operating system version.
  3. Adding a Web capture to your Edge Collections is an easy process.
  4. The option is only available to Edge Canary users for the time being.

According to a Microsoft Insider, Microsoft has added a new option to the Edge Collections function. Each new web capture will include an Add to Collections button.

While this information is only visible to individuals who are part of the Insider Program and are using Edge Canary, it adds to the list of recent enhancements to Microsoft‘s premier browser.

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What is the best way to save a screenshot to your Collections?

  1. To take a screenshot with Edge, press the CTRL+Shift+S key sequence.
  2. Choose whether you want to capture the entire screen or only a portion of it.
  3. In the upper right corner of the image, click the Add to Collections button.
  4. Select the desired Collections folder from the drop-down menu.

Web capture is a built-in Edge feature that allows users to take screen images and save them for later use. If you don’t want to depart your browser for this task, it successfully replaces Windows’ Snipping Tool.

Only actions such as preview, copy, share and annotate screenshots are now available to the general public. When you use the new option, however, the saved image will sync across all of your connected devices to the same Microsoft account.

On that subject, you’ll be happy to learn that the devs have recently fixed crashes caused by the Collections sync option being turned on.

This new button was first observed on a 64-bit PC, but it should be present on Edge Canary operating on 32-bit Windows 10 as well, as the user pointed out.


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User Questions

1. What’s the best way to get my data into the edge collection?

Select Import browser data from the drop-down menu. Tap the browser whose data you want to import from the Import from list. Select the exact browser data you wish to import under Choose what to import. Choose Import.

2. What is the best way to organise collections in Edge?

Locate Microsoft Edge in the Start menu. To create a shortcut, drag & drop Microsoft Edge to the desktop. Then pick Properties from the shortcut’s right-click menu. Finally, go to the Shortcut tab and type —enable-features=msEdgeCollections in the Target box after the “msedge.exe” item, then click OK.

3. Where have all of my Web captures gone in Windows 10?

Toggle on Show web capture button in Edge Settings > Appearances > Customize Toolbar. You should now be able to see the capture menu, extensions, and the location where your profile is stored. It is now ready to take a screenshot when you click on it.

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4. FYI: the “Web capture” button can be added to the toolbar.

FYI: the "Web capture" button can be added to the toolbar. from edge

5. Microsoft Edge’s Collections feature is fantastic for Research

Microsoft Edge’s Collections feature is fantastic for Research Tasks or Projects from MicrosoftEdge