wdf_violation windows 10

wdf_violation windows 10

Here we can see “wdf_violation windows 10


Many users reported getting the WDF_VIOLATION error after updating to Windows 10. Users reported that they tried to reboot their computer, but it said an error and that the PC needed to be restarted. The stop code was wdf_violation.

Are you familiar with WDF_VIOLATION and its purpose?

PDF stands for Windows Driver Frameworks. This is a collection of Microsoft tools and libraries that assist in creating device drivers for Windows 2000 or later. WDF_VIOLATION means that Windows detected an error in a driver framework-based.

The blue screen stop code wdf_violation can be seen most often on HP PCs. There could be many reasons.

The investigation revealed that the WDF_VIOLATION bluescreen error was primarily caused by an incompatible HP keyboard driver, HpqKbFiltr.sys (, which is not compatible with Windows 10 version 1803 and Windows 10 Version 1809 on HP computers.

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This blue screen error can also be seen on other brands of computers for the following reasons:

  • USB peripherals are a problem
  • Bluetooth driver and other driver issues
  • System files corrupted
  • Virus attack

How do you fix the WDF_VIOLATION bluescreen of death issue on Windows 10? The following solutions can be tried one-by-one.

Solution 1: Disable the defective HP keyboard driver

The WDF_VIOLATION BSOD error is caused by the faulty HpqKbFiltr.sys drivers. This issue can be fixed by removing or renaming the faulty driver. This solution is recommended for HP users.

Step 1: Open the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE).

Tip: Windows will normally attempt to enter WinRE to repair your system when it cannot boot. Windows will not enter WinRE if it fails to turn off the computer three times, or you can use the installation media.

Step 2: Navigate to Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Command Prompt.

Step 3: Type the following command according to your Windows version and hit Enter to delete HpqKbFiltr.sys.

  • 32-bit Windows version: dism /Image :C/Remove Driver /Driver C:WindowsSystem32DriverStoreFileRepositoryhpqkbfiltr.inf_x86_f1527018cecbbb8c2HpqKbFiltr.inf
  • 64-bit Windows version: dism /Image :C:/Remove Driver/Driver: C:WindowsSystem32driverstoreFileRepositoryhpqkbfiltr.inf_amd64_714aca0508a80e9aHpqKbFiltr.inf

Step 4: To verify that the wdf violation error is gone, exit WinRE and restart your computer.

Solution 2: Disconnect all USB Peripherals

Some USB peripherals could also be responsible for the wdf violation error. To fix the error, you may need to disconnect all USB peripherals, such as your mouse, camera, microphone, and so forth.

You can disable USB ports in BIOS by following these steps if it isn’t working.

Tip: Your BIOS version may have different keys for entering BIOS or disabling USB ports. These steps should be used as a guideline only, and you should follow the instructions on your screen.

Step 1: Start your computer again and continue pressing F2 or Del for BIOS.

Step 2: Navigate to Advanced Tab > Other Devices > External USB Ports in BIOS and disable External USB ports.

Step 3: Save the BIOS and exit it.

After it is done, restart your computer to see if WDF_VIOLATION has been resolved.

Solution 3: Disable Bluetooth Driver in Safe Mode

Users have reported that they were able to remove the stop code wdf_violation using uninstalling the Bluetooth driver. If the above methods fail, you can try Safe Mode to remove the driver.

Step 1: Log in to WinRE and click Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Settings > Restart Startup Settings

Step 2: To activate Safe Mode with Networking, press F5 and select “Enable Safe Mode with Security” to put your computer into Safe Mode.

Step 3: Click Win + X to select Device Manager from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Locate your Bluetooth driver by right-clicking it. Next, choose Uninstall device in the menu.

Step 5: Click Uninstall in the pop-up window.

You can then restart your computer and verify that it is working properly.

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Solution 4: Start Startup Repair

Startup Repair can be a great choice if Windows Safe Mode is not working.

Startup Repair can be found in WinRE. Or you can boot your PC with a Windows installation disc. Then click Repair.

Next, open Troubleshoot > Advanced Option > Startup Repair. Please select the operating system you wish to repair, and Windows will locate the problem, fix it, and restart the computer.

Solution 5: Perform System Restore

Another way to fix WDF_VIOLATION is to perform a system restore. System Restore is a way to fix slow or dead computers by restoring Windows to its previous state.

You can create a restore point if you have previously created one. This will allow you to restore your system or fix WDF_VIOLATION errors. These are the steps to follow:

Step 1: To open Search, press Win+S in Safe Mode. Next, enter restore into the box and select Create a restoration point from the results.

Step 2: Click the System Protection tab, then System Restore.

Step 3: When the System Restore window appears, click Next.

Step 4: Choose the restore point that you wish to use, and then click Next.

Step 5: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Solution 6: Run System File Checker

A corrupted system file could also cause a WDF_VIOLATION bluescreen error. You can fix the problem by running System File Checker in Windows 10 Safe Mode.

Step 1: In Safe Mode, run the command prompt as administrator.

Step 2: Enter the command sfc/scannow, and then press the Enter key. Wait until the System File Check finishes. Then reboot your computer to check if WDF_VIOLATION is displayed.

Solution 7: Reset Windows or Reinstall Windows

After trying the above solutions, if you are still experiencing WDF_VIOLATION bluescreen issues, you can reinstall Windows or reset your computer.

Let’s find out how it can be done.

You will need to backup and recover important files from reinstalling Windows.

  • Backups are not necessary if your operating system is working well.
  • MiniTool Partition Wizard can be used to recover data if the computer does not boot.

This guide will show you how to recover data from a computer that won’t turn on.

Step 1: Click on the button below to download and install MiniTool Partition Wizard.

Step 2: Open it and create a boot disc/DVD or flash drive with bootable media builders.

Step 3: Connect the media to the computer on which WDF_VIOLATION is displayed, and then configure the BIOS settings so that the media can be booted from.

Step 4: Right-click on your system partition and select Data Recovery.

Step 5: Once you have completed scanning, preview the files and click Save.

You can now reset or reinstall Windows to fix WDF_VIOLATION. There is no data loss.

You can reset Windows by simply entering WinRE, going to Troubleshoot > Rest This PC, then following the instructions to complete the process.

User Questions:

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My Laptop was updated to Windows 10 just a few days ago. It was running fine up until last night. I tried shutting it down several times, but it wouldn’t respond. I turned it off manually by pressing the power button. Today, I rebooted the computer, and it started up fine. Then I saw “Preparing Automatic Repair.”


We have seen multiple Windows 10 Pro users experiencing Stop Code WDF_Violation since the beginning of 2021

Although I made sure that all the latest Windows Updates were installed, the BSOD persists. I have not seen any new device drivers in each case. Does this have to do with the Win 10 Feature Update?

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I have read that this driver should be renamed.


But I don’t have the file on Windows 10.

I have read that I should examine the error log to determine which driver is responsible.

But I have no idea where the blue screeds of death log is!

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