Want to Watch Tf1 in Usa? 4 Perfect Solutions

Want to Watch Tf1 in Usa? 4 Perfect Solutions

Here we can see, “Want to Watch Tf1 in Usa? 4 Perfect Solutions”

  • One of the most watched TV stations in France is TF1. It is free for French citizens, but anyone trying to access it outside France will find it is blocked.
  • In order to unblock this TV channel and watch TF1 in the USA or other countries, we carefully chose the 4 best solutions. Before selecting a choice, be careful to compare the available tools.

A free and open French TV channel is TF1. However, access to it is restricted to residents of France. We are here to help you with the 4 ideal methods for getting over geoblocks if you want to watch TF1 in the USA or anywhere else in the world.

Regardless of the device you use, you can unblock TF1 streaming in the USA. All you need is a reliable Internet connection and the appropriate equipment.

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How can I watch TF1 outside France?

1. Use a VPN

    1. Download Private Internet Access (PIA).
    2. Install PIA after opening the package.
    3. Click the PIA icon in the system tray, followed by VPN Server.
    4. During the search, choose this result for France.
    5. To connect to France, press the large power button.
    6. Open a browser and go to TF1 Direct (see the best web browsers for streaming).
    7. Disable your ad-blocker for this page if you have one installed.
    8. Use your My TF1 account to login.
    9. Start TF1 live streaming now.

2. Use Mobdro

    1. Allow the installation of programs from unknown sources on your Android* smartphone.
    2. Get Mobdro and set it up.
    3. Look for TF1 by selecting Search streams in Mobdro.
    4. Choose TF1 and wait for the stream to load.
    5. Start TF1 live streaming now.

You should use Mobdro to view TF1 in the USA and other countries. You can access it without paying anything and without using a My TF1 account. Even though it was created only for Android, you may use an Android emulator to make it operate on other operating systems.

But doing so entails extra steps. Additionally, there’s a chance that the stream will periodically stop working or that you will occasionally experience buffering issues. And unless you want to give a third-party access to your system’s resources, you can’t get rid of the in-app advertisements.

3. Use IPTV software

    1. Install ProgDVB on your computer by downloading it.
    2. Open the FreeWorldTV tab in ProgDVB’s main window.
    3. Choose this result from the list of search results after searching for TF1.
    4. Start TF1 live streaming now.

For streaming TF1 in the USA, an IPTV software solution like ProgDVB is a fantastic option. You can use it to unlock more TV channels or Internet radio stations without having to log in with a My TF1 account.

However, it doesn’t always operate as it ought to. Additionally, it’s uncommon to locate a free IPTV program that lives up to your standards.

4. Use an Internet circumvention tool

    1. Install Psiphon on your device after downloading it.
    2. Go to Settings > Psiphon Server Region after starting Psiphon.
    3. Click Apply Changes after selecting France.
    4. Go to TF1 Direct using your browser (check out the best web browsers for streaming).
    5. If you have an active ad blocker, turn it off for TF1.
    6. Use your My TF1 account to login.
    7. Start TF1 live streaming now.

An Internet circumvention tool like Psiphon is the best option for unblocking websites, getting around geo-restrictions, and watching TF1 in the USA. Furthermore, the connection speed is superb. However, since Psiphon cannot protect your online anonymity, it is not a solution for users who are concerned about their privacy.

In conclusion, there are many ways to watch TF1 in the USA or other countries, but these 4 are, in our opinion, the greatest options available online.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. How do I access TF1 from outside of France?

    1. Select a VPN provider that offers a good number of French server options. I know you’ll adore CyberGhost.
    2. Establish a VPN connection and choose a French server.
    3. Visit TF1 Direct and have fun!

2. Is TF1 available online?

You can connect to a server in another location from where you are using a VPN. Your internet traffic is then encrypted and directed through the selected VPN server, which alters your IP address and enables you to access geoblocked websites and services like TF1 without being blocked.

3. How do I access French television in America?

The French streaming service France Channel is now officially launched for a cost of $ 7.99/month or $ 79.99/year, guaranteeing the best and largest library of French entertainment in the US. France Channel was inspired by Britbox, an SVoD service dedicated to British content. It is conveniently located on www.francechannel.tv.

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