Vmware: Cannot Find a Valid Peer Process to Connect to

Vmware: Cannot Find a Valid Peer Process to Connect to

Here we can see, “Vmware: Cannot Find a Valid Peer Process to Connect to”

  • You’ve upgraded your macOS or virtual machine, and now you’re getting a Cannot connect to a legitimate peer process issue.
  • There are some answers to this problem, so keep reading to find out what they are.

Upgrading your OS to the latest version should enhance overall device performance, fix different operating issues, etc.

However, the truth is occasionally different: you suddenly discover that your system is no longer functional after upgrading. And this is quite aggravating.

Users of VMware Fusion who upgrade the macOS version or merely the virtual machine version frequently experience this issue. Windows users have also reported it in rare instances.

Users cannot open virtual machines (or install new machines) after updating and receive the following message: There isn’t a proper peer process with which to connect.

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How to fix Cannot find a valid peer process to connect to VMWare Fusion?

Cannot find a valid peer process to connect VMware on macOS

1. Reinstall the official VMware version (and run First Aid)

    1. Reboot your Mac.
    2. Remove VMware from your computer manually (to delete all VMware related files).
    3. Install the most recent version of Fusion, which may be found in our review. To access the official Fusion download tool, click the download button.
    4. Begin the installation, drag the VMware Fusion icon onto the Applications folder icon, open it, and double-click it.
    5. Finish the process, give the app administrator privileges.
    6. To register, enter the Fusion serial number and then follow the on-screen instructions.
    7. Then, on your virtual computer, install or update VMware Tools.
    8. Check to see if the problem has been resolved; if not, run the first aid on the Mac hard disk by entering the first aid folder.
      • /Application/Utilities

Then select Disk Utility from the drop-down menu. Click the First Aid button after selecting the system hard drive.

VMware is aware of the problem and has provided the following general troubleshooting suggestions. However, many customers reported that they still received the problem even after completing all of these steps.

So go ahead and try the following several steps.

2. Allow VMware extension

After reinstalling the virtual machine, a pop-up warning that the VMware extension will be banned may appear.

To do so, go to System Preferences, then Security and Privacy. Select General from the drop-down menu and select the Allow option for the VMware extension.

Additionally, search for and delete any lock files. Look for files with a.lck extension and delete them in the VMware file with all enclosing files.

Cannot find a valid peer process to connect VMware on Windows 10

    1. By putting Regedit into the search field, you can access the Registry Editor.
    2. Remove the TitleObjectServer file from the following location:
      • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionProfileNotificationTDL.

You’ll probably need to gain Admin authorization before you can do this.

If you cannot see such a file, the issue is most likely elsewhere.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. What makes VMware the best?

With a new set of virtualization-aware security technologies that interact with existing solutions to provide adaptive and cost-effective security and compliance inside a single management framework, VMware has a better approach to cloud security than other virtualization and cloud manufacturers.

2. What are some of VMware’s drawbacks?

    1. The hardware that VMware does not support is incompatible.
    2. Complex device drivers will slow the initialization time.
    3. The learning curve is steep.
    4. Corrupt external code might cause a server to stutter or hang.
    5. Some features of the trial program are missing.

3. What distinguishes VMware Workstation from the competition?

    1. Management of applications.
    2. Updates and installations can be done remotely.
    3. VDI.
    4. Encryption of virtual machines.
    5. Monitoring of virtual machines.
    6. It’s a virtual server.
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