Verizon Now Allows Free Network Testing on Unlocked iPhones

Verizon Now Allows Free Network Testing on Unlocked iPhones

Visible, Verizon’s prepaid wireless service allows users to test its network on unlocked iPhones with later models’ eSIM capabilities.

With its new 15-day free trial, Verizon’s prepaid cellular service, Visible, revolutionizes how people shop for cellphone carriers. As new network standards emerge, various factors will decide whether customers will be able to benefit from increased speeds. The types of speeds a consumer might expect in daily use are affected by their location, cellular plan, and phone. It’s part of the main carriers’ rush to build 5G networks across the United States, and many phones are incompatible with Verizon’s network.

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T-Mobile’s leader in 5G coverage offers a similar scheme that lets users test the network before committing to it. Apple‘s eSIM technology, the most widely used cellular network connection chip, was used in the trial. The eSIM is similar to a standard SIM card. However, it is soldered to the logic board of the iPhone. Because Apple hasn’t completely abandoned the SIM card slot, this feature allows customers to have two separate cellular plans — and phone numbers — on the same iPhone. People love this function since it allows them to have one phone for professional and personal use. Apple’s iOS even allows you to separate the two numbers.

The business said that new iPhone customers would be able to try out its network for 15 days. Potential clients can switch back and forth between Verizon and their current provider during the trial period. T-Mobile will employ the same eSim technology for the trial as its service trial. The new Verizon and Visible trial provide users with an easy method to compare provider services. However, a few conditions must be met to take advantage of the trial period.

Visible’s Free Trial Eligibility Requirements

If the user is eligible, a menu will help them through setting up the eSIM on their iPhone after downloading the Visible app. Instead of replacing a current cellular service, the free trial will supplement it. People will be able to receive calls and texts as usual even if they are demoing Verizon’s broadband service. The specific modifications can be made in the iPhone settings app under cellular. They can use their current plan or the Visible service as their primary line, allowing them to examine the differences between Verizon and their services.

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For the time being, Visible’s free trial is restricted. Only iPhones with eSIM capability – the iPhone XS/XR series and newer — will operate with the trial, and Android users will be out of luck. Visible is looking to bring the trial offer to Android devices, though no timeline has been set. The phones must be unlocked to demo the service, which is a more stringent requirement. Most phones acquired directly from a carrier or as part of an installment plan are ineligible.

Apple makes it simple for iPhone customers to check if they can unlock their phone starting with iOS 14 by browsing the carrier lock feature. In addition, some consumers can unlock their iPhones without phoning their wireless operator if the phone is paid off from the original carrier. Each of the three major US carriers — Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile — has its criteria for unlocking phones sold on their networks. If a user’s phone qualifies, they’ll be able to examine their network speeds and daily consumption over 15 days. In addition, visible offers a $40 unlimited package and prepaid plans, with savings available for family plans.

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