Power Bi Value Errors? Fix Them With Our Solutions

Power Bi Value Errors? Fix Them With Our Solutions

Here we can see, “Power Bi Value Errors? Fix Them With Our Solutions”

Power BI is useful for many people who want to organize and visualize their data efficiently. But there are other issues with the program.

Value mistakes are some of the most well-known problems. Various types of value mistakes can occur in Power BI, and we’ll teach you how to correct them today.

On the website’s forum, one user posted the following:

there is some UI error in PBI Desktop. I am connected to internal analysis services. Whenever I want to create New Measure and don’t select the dimension where to put the new measure and start creating the new measure, I immediately get this error:

Additionally, until the problematic one is removed, neither the newly generated measure nor any others can be deleted.

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The notice “the value is not a cube” is another problem that many users experience. This is how one person explained the problem:

I created a report based on local CSV-files and SAP BW queries. When I refresh data in Desktop, it works totally fine. However, when I schedule a data refresh in the Service, I get notified that ‘The value is not a cube’ and it relates to a table (“Lijst met afnemers”) that is based on a SAP query. This is the error:

So, this problem only surfaced when renewing data in the Power BI Service. However, Power BI Desktop did not show the problem.

Duplicate values were another issue that many users ran through, as one user noted on the official forum:

I’m having an issue refreshing my data and get the following error: “…..contains a duplicate value….and this is not allowed for columns on the one side of a many-to-one relationship or for columns that are used as the primary key of a table.”

Although there are duplicate reference numbers in the data, this problem shouldn’t exist.

We’ll demonstrate to you today how to solve these issues for good.

Here’s how to fix Power BI value errors

1. Unexpected error value cannot be null

Older versions of Power BI Desktop display the message “Unexpected error value cannot be null.” Update your program to fix the problem permanently. 

2. The value is not a cube

Your Power BI is outdated if you receive the error message “The value is not a cube.” To fix the problem, update the app to the most recent version.

3. Duplicate value error

You must manage the relationships if you want to solve this problem.

    1. From the Home tab, select Manage Relationships.
    2. Make Cardinality One to Many.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. How do I get rid of errors in Power BI?

    1. Locate a previously loaded query from the Power Query Editor, choose a cell in the data, and then choose Query > Edit to launch the query. See Create, load, or update a query in Excel for more details.
    2. Choose the columns for which you want to fix the mistakes.
    3. To remove errors, select Home > Remove Rows.

2. What is a Power BI data type that is invalid?

Any additional data having a binary representation can be represented using the Binary data type. Suppose you convert the binary files to other data types before importing them into the Power BI model. In that case, you can use them when loading binary files inside the Power Query Editor. Power BI’s data model does not support binary columns.

3. What does Power Query’s Data format error mean?

Power Query’s dataformat failures are typically data type problems, which do not prevent you from importing data to Power BI but instead load the cells as blanks. The data is loaded into Power BI with 3 errors for 78 records, as seen in the screenshot below.

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4. Best practices for handling Power Query errors : r/PowerBI

Best practices for handling Power Query errors from PowerBI

5. Not sure how to correct this error. Very little experience with …

Not sure how to correct this error. Very little experience with power BI. from PowerBI