How to: Fix Valheim’s Multiplayer Lag on Dedicated Servers

How to: Fix Valheim’s Multiplayer Lag on Dedicated Servers

Here we can see, “How to: Fix Valheim’s Multiplayer Lag on Dedicated Servers”

  • Increase the server send limit if you’re experiencing Valheim dedicated server latency.
  • Valheim is causing a lot of slowness in online games, according to many gamers.
  • Players discovered a solution by downloading the dnSpy application and adjusting the speed limits.
  • The Valheim multiplayer experience can be made more smoother by increasing the speed limitations for all clients.

One of the advantages of playing Valheim is that you may set up a dedicated server with up to 9 friends for the best multiplayer experience.

This improves the players’ odds of surviving purgatory and their chances of accessing Valhalla.

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Valheim provides all of the tools needed for players to set up their own servers and share the experience. However, many people have complained about server slowness on message boards, which significantly reduces the thrill of gaming:

I got mine from a site that I won’t disclose just now, and we’ve created a medium-sized foundation with it. We are presently experiencing MAJOR server-side slowness due to nothing incredibly large and massive. Chests will not open, opponents will run in place, etc.

According to experienced players, the problem arises because the server limits each client’s outbound bytes/seconds.

How can I avoid lag on the Valheim dedicated server?

  1. The hosting server should be shut down.
  2. All game files may be found under SteamLibrarysteamappscommonValheimvalheim_DataManaged
  3. This dnSpy utility is available for download.
  4. In valheim Data or valheim server Data, open the assembly valheim.dll file.
  5. Inside the assembly, look for ZDOMan.
  6. Locate m dataPerSec, right-click it, select Edit class, and adjust the value to something higher. Speeds might be significantly improved by adding a 0 to the equation.
  7. In the class editing window’s lower right corner, click Compile.
  8. Choose File > Save Module (rather than CTRL+S).
  9. Start playing after restarting the server.
  10. In the F2 menu, see if the speeds have increased.

According to players, raising the server send speed restrictions from 64kb/s to 94kb/s improved matters.

They also suggest increasing the transmit limits on the client’s end.

However, it is critical to alter the server’s limitations first before attempting a modification on the client’s side. In addition, the Managed file must be downloaded on its whole.

This is merely a workaround, as the players have pointed out. On the other hand, the game’s developers have noticed the flaws and are likely to work on a reliable patch for future updates.


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User Questions:

1. Is the multiplayer in Valheim still sluggish?

Some Valheim players believe that the lag they’ve encountered in Valheim co-op is due to multiplayer P2P networking, however developer Iron Gate AB claims that this isn’t the case: all data transfers in multiplayer Valheim occur between servers and clients, never client-to-client.

2. What can I do to make my Valheim run more smoothly?

  1. Check to see whether Valheim is closed.
  2. Start Steam.
  3. Select properties by right-clicking on Valheim in your library.
  4. Copy and paste the following command into the launch options box found at the bottom of the General section: -only-in-window-mode
  5. To save your changes, close the window.

3. Why is Valheim so sluggish?

Valheim’s fullscreen mode is essentially a borderless windowed fullscreen mode rather than a real fullscreen mode, which can result in substantial performance degradation on some systems. You can repair it by entering a command line into the Steam launch options field.

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