Update your new iPhone, iPad before you play music

Update your new iPhone, iPad before you play music

Today, Apple Music appears to be in the middle of attention during a code mix-up in certain iPad and iPhone devices. The fix is comparatively simple – all one must do is update their device with an easy visit to Settings – General – Software Update. Without the said update, some users have found that restoring a replacement iPhone or iPad from backup leads to a lack of to access certain Apple Music features.

With difficulty live, users aren’t ready to see their Apple Music catalogue, and they’re unable to use Sync Library on their new device or access their Apple Music settings. Apple says that the difficulty merely affects the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. A few iPad devices are also affected, including the 9th generation iPad and, therefore, the 6th generation iPad mini.

The publish date for this issue and, therefore, the fix is September 23, 2021. This fix requires that you simply open Settings on your iPad or iPhone, find and tap General, then find and tap Software Update. There’ll be an Install Now button which you’ll also get to tap. You’ll get to await the update to the end – you’ll get to be connected to Wifi data, and you’ll get to agitate the battery in your device before initiating the update.

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This is the second important update issued by Apple in the week for a spread of devices. This issue seems to possess affected just the most recent iPhone and iPad devices – the opposite update in the week affected a number of the oldest devices still operational. The opposite update isn’t fun, but you’re going to need it. Whether you’ve got an old iPhone or iPad or a replacement iPhone or iPad, immediately may be a great time to go to Settings – General – Software Update and tap certain software you would like.