Upcoming Star Wars game may have a surprising developer

Upcoming Star Wars game may have a surprising developer

At the start of this year, Disney and Lucasfilm announced the revival of the Lucasfilm Games, and with it, we saw the announcement of partnerships with a couple of companies to make new Star Wars titles. At times, Electronic Arts are best referred to as the developer and publisher of Star Wars titles, but the times of it being the exclusive license holder are over. With Disney and LucasFilm Games branching bent new companies, we hear rumours which claim a future Star Wars title might come from a surprising studio.

That studio is Quantic Dream, known for games that emphasise storytelling like Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and, last, Detroit: Become Human. Quantic Dream was first reported to be performing on a Star Wars game by French YouTuber Gautoz, who claims within the video embedded below (as translated by VGC) that the studio has signed with Disney to figure on a Star Wars game after completing its three-game contract with Sony.

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On its own, which will not be a comment worth reporting, but Gautoz isn’t the sole one suggesting that Quantic Dream’s next game is about within the Star Wars universe. DualShockers’ Tom Henderson, who has been the source of several leaks, recently tweeted out a screenshot from Detroit: Become Human with a pair of crossed lightsabers photoshopped over it. It doesn’t get an entire lot clearer than that.

Sadly, these leaks don’t tell us what a Quantic Dream-made Star Wars could entail, but it’s safe to assume that we’ll see the studio’s trademark brand of branching storytelling within the game. Perhaps less action-centric than other Star Wars games available at the instant, we’d certainly have an interest in seeing what Quantic Dream can do with the Star Wars license.

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The big question – apart from whether or not these reports are accurate – is how faraway such a game might be. Quantic Dream’s last release was in 2018 with Beyond: Two Souls, but within the time since then, it’s also been acting as a publisher not just for the Windows ports of its titles but also for smaller games like Sea of Solitude: Director’s Cut and therefore the upcoming Dustborn. We’ll let you know if Quantic Dream and LucasFilm Games announce anything in the future, so stay tuned.