Twitter to Introduce an “About” feature On the Profile Page of Its Users

Twitter to Introduce an “About” feature On the Profile Page of Its Users

Twitter is one of the most utilized social networking platforms in which people type in their ideas at tweets inside a particular number of characters. The program has an individual strength in countless. It is an enjoyable program for many to utilize who prefer to continue sharing their ideas or simply to conscious people about something online. This makes the technology giant realize they have a massive effect on people’s lifestyles, and therefore it works towards introducing new features to its consumers.

Twitter that this week will soon probably be launching the profile verifications program yet. However, that isn’t the only intriguing thing occurring at this stage.

The tech giant has produced a new attribute for your profile of consumers, and it’s known as the “About” tab.

The new Concerning tab may include new profile upgrades by which users can place inside their pronouns, biography standing, pursuits, etc… These may further be split into the additional depth of links and points with individuals updating their tab other info such as a more comprehensive bio or link though into some podcast, newsletter, or perhaps stored Spaces and sound content.

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Based on Twitter, this notion would provide more information about accounts and enhance the internet connection between customers. The technology giant considers that by using this attribute, people can learn and know more about what they follow along with. Therefore, it may better guide them about who to follow and interact with about the program later on.

One more thing with this “About” tab that the consumers detected and requested was the existence of a component known as”Confirmed account” and that which was the intent behind the.

With this, the technology giant said this new feature gives users the capacity to show whether the technology giant supports their accounts. In easier words, they imply that consumers have confirmed their accounts together with Twitter through email or phone. This way, users are also protected from being known as “bot” accounts, which’s a standard Twitter insult frequently enforced during heated discussions.

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In line with the tech giant, this can help users develop a feeling of confidence and validity in the lack of this enviable verification checkmark and are also a motive for reducing the spread of misinformation about the program as this new attribute function as a way to help explain data sources and helps people understand which data is accurate and that is a misused data out of your bot account.

The characteristic, however, is under testing requirements now and is launch in a couple of weeks.