Twitter teases future feature that’ll let users automatically archive tweets

Twitter teases future feature that’ll let users automatically archive tweets

Twitter has detailed yet one more feature that it plans to check at some point: a built-in archive function. The upcoming setting will enable users to possess their tweets automatically archived after a particular amount of your time, increasing privacy and preventing others from easily rummaging through one’s old tweet history.

When you publish a tweet, it remains visible on your Twitter account until it’s manually removed. This has proven problematic for a few users who have had their old tweet history analyzed and used against them. As a result of this and other related privacy concerns, some Twitter users have started manually deleting their tweets after a period of their time.

Twitter is taking matters into its own hands and can instead potentially offer an automatic tweet archiving feature within the future. The corporate detailed the plans to Bloomberg, explaining that this tool would automatically hide a user’s tweets once they’re either 30, 60, or 90 days old. Another possible timespan would be archiving tweets once they’re a year old.

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The company describes tweet archives as a tool currently within the ‘concept phase,’ meaning it’ll be short before any test rolls of some users. This future feature — assuming the corporate follow through with releasing it — will join others the corporate plans to check, including hiding ‘liked’ tweets, removing oneself from conversations, and removing followers without blocking them.

The report indicates these features are in consideration and can be tested within the future; like any test, the features may launch with substantial changes or, as is usually the case, may find yourself scrapped altogether.

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