Twitter Previews an Improved Version of TweetDeck With New Features

Twitter Previews an Improved Version of TweetDeck With New Features

Twitter has redesigned its dashboard application TweetDeck with new features and has previewed the new design to users.

Twitter offers TweetDeck as a dashboard application for Twitter, allowing professionals to manage their Twitter account (or multiple accounts) with ease. The column design will enable users to look at various Twitter sections directly, like multiple tabs in one.

Now, Twitter is previewing a redesigned and updated version of TweetDeck before rolling it call in the longer term.

Twitter Previews the Redesigned TweetDeck

In a politician tweet, Twitter has announced its performing on a replacement and improved version of TweetDeck. the corporate didn’t enter any details on the update to the platform and shared only one image.

In a later tweet, the TweetDeck account explained that it’s currently a preview of the updated platform with a small group of randomly selected people within the US, Canada, and Australia. Eligible users will see a call for participation to opt into the preview subsequent time they visit TweetDeck.

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TweetDeck users are requesting an update to the platform to incorporate new features for a short time now. While the corporate itself didn’t explain what’s changing within the update to the forum, we still have some information. A Twitter employee, Kayvon Beykpour, tweeted a number of the upcoming features.

According to his tweet, the TweetDeck preview will include a “full Tweet Composer, new advanced search features, new column types, and a replacement thanks to group columns into clean workspaces.” One other notable feature may be a new dark mode option for users to enable.

Unfortunately, Twitter hasn’t given us any information on when all users will be ready to access the remake of TweetDeck. the corporate only mentioned it might be made available “in the future.”

How to Enable the TweetDeck Preview

Although the TweetDeck preview is currently only available to invited users, security researcher Jane Manchun Wong has discovered how for anyone to access the update.

To enable the TweetDeck preview, you only got to enter one line of code. First, head to the JavaScript Console; it can usually be found under the developer menu. Once the console exposes, join:

document.cookie = "tweetdeck_version=beta"

Then, refresh the page. Once restored, you ought to see your TweetDeck window switch to the new design. Of course, Twitter may fix this workaround at any point, so you ought to try it sooner instead of later.

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Twitter Tries to Improve Its Alternative Platform

Since TweetDeck is obtainable as a more professional tool to access Twitter, it only fits that the platform is updated to incorporate many of the newest and greatest features. Long-time TweetDeck users will be proud of the updated features.