Twitter brings Bitcoin aboard, NFT might be next

Twitter brings Bitcoin aboard, NFT might be next

Twitter started using Bitcoin in the week with the addition of a feature called Tips. You might’ve seen Tips in Twitter before when it had been called “Tip Jar” – now it’s just Tips. This Tips feature is also unrolled to all iOS users around the world – and Android is next.

If you’re attempting to activate Tips for your account on Twitter, you’re getting to need an iOS device. At the instant, there’s no access available for Tips activation in any browser or any app on any platform aside from iOS. Android is next, and that’ll be coming a few weeks from now.

The first way Bitcoin is going to be used on Twitter is through the payments application called Strike. The Strike system is made on the Bitcoin Lightning Network, and it delivers “instant and free payments globally.”

Tips also have connectivity with Bandcamp, Cash App, Chipper, Patreon, Wealthsimple Cash, Venmo, Razorpay, GoFundMy, and PicPay. Twitter is taking a kind of host-but-don’t-touch approach to the whole present situation; therein, once you choose a service with which you’ll tip, you’ll be “taken off Twitter to the chosen app to send funds.”

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According to Twitter Staff Product Manager Esther Craford, “Twitter takes no cut.” Per the official Help Center article for recommendations on Twitter, “Twitter won’t receive any portion of those payments, but the third-party payment services may charge fees.”

Users must comply with Twitter’s newest General Tipping policy and be 18 years aged or older. If you opt to enable recommendations on your profile, you’ll be ready to add a Bitcoin address to your Twitter profile, as well. With this technique, users also will have the choice to send Bitcoin with any service they want.

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Crawford also suggested that Twitter is looking into NFT authentication. A Twitter representative didn’t enter specifics about how NFT representation would work on Twitter but did seem to suggest that it had been, indeed, working to bring NFT support – in other words, this wasn’t just a casual response to an issue about NFT work for the longer term. Cross your fingers for galleries and greatness!