Here’s How to Turn Off All Interactions in Power Bi

Here’s How to Turn Off All Interactions in Power Bi

Here we can see, “Here’s How to Turn Off All Interactions in Power Bi”

It is undeniable that Power BI has a wide range of features. However, many customers still require even more features.

People could want to turn off all interactions in Power BI, for instance. Because of this, other users shouldn’t be allowed to click on, alter, or otherwise interact with the graphs in a report.

On the official forum, one member posted the following:

I’ve created several graphs within one report. When clicking on certain elements of a graph, I can control the interaction that this selection has on other graphs within the report, but I was wondering if there is the ability to completely disable the clickability of a graph? I don’t want the end users to be able to click on the graph at all, so neither the selected graph or other graphs would be highlighted?

Therefore, if only partially, the user can influence the encounter. The goal of the OP is to prevent end users from clicking on the graph completely.

Sadly, Power BI does not offer this feature. You can eliminate the interaction between two charts but not the ability to click on a chart.

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Steps to disable interactions in Power BI

1. Turn off interactions in Power BI Desktop

    1. Select the Format tab.
    2. The Edit interactions option.
    3. Each chart’s None option should be chosen.

2. Turn off interactions in Power BI Service

    1. Click on Edit Report.
    2. Select Visual interactivity.
    3. Choose the None option for each chart.

These solutions will stop two charts from interacting with one another. Therefore, if a different user clicks a chart, it won’t change the other charts on the page.

3. Use Drillthrough in Power BI Desktop

    1. Choose your graph.
    2. Pick Data/Drill from the ribbon’s menu.
    3. On Drillthrough, click.

It’s important to note that any marking will be disabled if the chart is forced to use the Drillthrough option.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. How do I get rid of the Power BI filter interaction?

Remove the Filter and verify that the trend spans 12 months. Make the Filter, then choose it. Select “Format” from the tabs, then “Edit interactions.” If the Filter is still selected, select none for the Trend.

2. What do the terms “group” and “ungroup” mean?

Based on the values in one or more columns, the GroupBy method provides a table with records that have been grouped together. Records belonging to the same group are combined into a single record, and a column holding a nested table of the other columns is added. The Ungroup function reverses the GroupBy procedure.

3. What causes group mode in my Excel?

You can duplicate changes made to one active Excel worksheet to numerous additional worksheets by using the group edit mode in Excel. Holding down the “Shift” or “Ctrl” key while clicking the worksheet tabs you want to include in the group will activate Group mode.

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