Totalav Vpn Not Working: 9 Solutions to Fix It Fast

Totalav Vpn Not Working: 9 Solutions to Fix It Fast

Here we can see, “Totalav Vpn Not Working: 9 Solutions to Fix It Fast”

  • Some consumers claim that TotalAV Safe Browsing (VPN) on their devices is malfunctioning, interfering with their ability to navigate the web.
  • Although there may be several explanations for the VPN troubles, we made an effort to offer as many pertinent remedies as possible to help narrow down the causes.
  • Some fixes include checking your internet connection, attempting an alternative server location, and turning off the firewall.

A new antivirus program called TotalAV was released in 2016 by the UK-based Protected.

When installing the antivirus client on your device, you may quickly use the TotalAV VPN as an extra paid feature of the TotalAV Antivirus Pro premium security package.

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Unfortunately, some users lament the TotalAV VPN’s failure to function on their Ethernet or Wi-Fi connections. Although we get how aggravating this might be, don’t worry—solutions are available for your particular problem.

While the root reasons for VPN connection issues may differ between various hardware and operating systems, we have come up with a comprehensive list of potential fixes that you can try to get your TotalAV VPN up and running.

What features does TotalAV VPN offer?

Even though TotalAV VPN has certain helpful features common in top-tier premium VPN services, it also lacks a few crucial functions that are only available in top-tier standalone VPN services.

Because TotalAV VPN encrypts your data using the greatest encryption currently available, the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) – 256 CBC using the Open VPN protocol, so you can browse the web safely and anonymously with it, as its name implies.

The VPN also guarantees public Wi-Fi security, which is crucial because unprotected Wi-Fi leaves you open to cyberattacks. So no matter where you use the Internet, you will receive maximum protection when connecting to the VPN.

TotalAV VPN makes it simple for you to avoid geo-blocking by offering more than 100 server locations in various nations across the globe.

As a result, all you have to do to access content that is blocked in your nation or region is connected to a server in a country where it is legal, and you should be able to do so without any problems.

Whether you own a laptop, desktop computer, smartphone, tablet, or any other type of device, it also protects many devices. No matter what device you use TotalAV VPN on, you can keep your connection secure because it is available through all of the programs.

What can I do if TotalAV VPN is not working?

1. Check the status of your internet connection

    1. Navigate to Start and select Settings.
    2. Then select Network & Internet.
    3. Click on Network troubleshooter under Advanced network options.
    4. Click Next after selecting the network adapter you want to diagnose.
    5. Verify any issues that the troubleshooter found.

If troubleshooting fails to reveal any issues, it appears that your internet connection is steady. As a result, you can attempt relaunching the TotalAV VPN on your device and re-establishing contact with a VPN server.

2. Run a Internet speed test

    1. Visit the webpage for Speedtest by Ookla.
    2. Press “GO” to begin the exam, then wait.
    3. Verify that your upload and download speeds are within the expected range.

Running a speed test can help determine your internet connection’s speed, which is a crucial sign of the overall caliber of your online experience.

TotalAV VPN won’t work properly if your internet speed is really slow, and you’ll also have to wait a long time for websites to load while connected to the VPN server.

To check that everything is in order, you can simply run the speed test as demonstrated above, restart the VPN client, connect to a VPN server, and then browse a few websites and compare the loading speeds.

3. Connect from a different device

Try connecting to the VPN from a different device if TotalAV VPN isn’t functioning despite a strong internet connection on your network.

If the TotalAV client hasn’t already been installed on another device, do so before attempting to connect to the VPN because TotalAV VPN allows integration with other devices.

Simply follow these procedures to accomplish this on Android-based devices:

    1. To launch the Play Store app, click on it.
    2. Click the suggestion after typing TotalAV into the search box.
    3. Press Install.
    4. Launch the TotalAV program.
    5. Add the necessary data to log into your account.

Suppose a secondary device (PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.) on the same network can successfully establish a VPN connection. In that case, it indicates that the problem is with your primary device rather than your network or internet connection.

4. Choose a different VPN location

Depending on your needs, you can connect to any of the numerous server locations that TotalAV VPN offers, as they are spread out throughout various nations globally.

The VPN server location, which can get overrun with users, may be to blame if the software is sluggish or frequently disconnects.

Change to a different server in the same nation to resolve this problem, or select another nation if the current one does not offer multiple server locations.

For the best experience, pick the place that is most convenient for your actual location if there are many options.

5. Disable the firewall temporarily

A defence tool called Windows Defender Firewall is created to secure your computer from illegal access or communication. To keep your devices safe, it is generally advised that you have the firewall turned on.

While you can permit some programs or features to pass through the Windows Firewall without disabling them, you can also temporarily disable it in some circumstances to rule out any chances that certain apps would clash with it.

You can turn off the firewall by selecting the Firewall tab on the TotalAV client. If the problem still exists after you disable it, try connecting to a TotalAV VPN server location once more.

6. Check TotalAV’s software version

You should check the software version of TotalAV VPN if it keeps crashing or has connectivity problems. If you’re using a top service, VPN clients are constantly updated.

Even though many clients have auto-update options, it’s simple to overlook a new version after installing it later.

You might not be aware that this new version resolves the stability problems you’ve been experiencing for the previous week. Make sure your VPN is current. Even the best VPN might soon stop working.

Most apps will outline their current version and indicate whether you may update to the most recent one. However, you might need to revert to an earlier client version in some extremely unusual circumstances.

Because the VPN, in our case, is a part of the TotalAV security suite, you must update the full security suite in order to update the VPN.

7. Uninstall old VPN software

It’s also possible that you tested several VPN services before using TotalAV VPN and that you still have the software for those services installed on your computer.

Even if you don’t utilize every feature of your VPN program at once, you should be aware that having too many competing features can occasionally cause problems with your connection.

You must thus, uninstall any outdated VPN software you are not using if you want to avoid frequent VPN crashes and poor connectivity. Since removing the files won’t help, make sure to remove the programs through your device’s control panel.

8. Uninstall TotalAV and then reinstall it

If none of those mentioned above solutions works, you should see if your TotalAV VPN problem is lurking during installation.

While you’ll typically receive an error message, it’s possible that your VPN client—in this case, TotalAV—can start up but cannot remain on due to a flawed installation.

Reinstall the TotalAV program after removing it from the Control Panel. Redownloading the client is a good idea in case your first download was corrupted, and some important files are missing.

9. Connect to a different network

You can take your device and test your TotalAV VPN at a different place if you’ve already attempted some or all of the above alternatives and were unsuccessful.

Launch your VPN at a friend’s house or on a public network; ideally, choose a network that is comparable to yours for a more true comparison.

If your internet connection is steady and pages load quickly, it will be obvious that there is no issue with your VPN and that you should instead contact your ISP.

While some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) block VPN connections on residential networks as well, either on the router firmware or at their end of the network, system administrators on public networks may be purposefully limiting VPN connections to discourage consumers from using such services.

Try a different network as a first step if your current one often causes issues. This procedure should be carried out to narrow down the problem, even if you have already verified the connection without using a VPN.

How do I know that my VPN is working?

You can use a built-in program or an internet tool to check your IP to see if your VPN software is functioning properly.

  • Check your network
    1. When you click the network symbol, choose Properties.
    2. To the bottom of the list, scroll down.
    3. Examine the IP address that is displayed next to the IPv4 address input.
  • Use an online tool
    1. Open a browser, then go to Google.
    2. In the search box, type what my ip is.
    3. To start the search, press Enter.
    4. On the results page, your IP address will be displayed at the top.

Finally, we do hope that the majority of the common problems with VPN connections in general, as well as with TotalAV VPN in particular, will be resolved by the fixes mentioned above.

Sometimes, the issue may be with your device and system since certain settings are not properly adjusted. As a result, you may need to take action by removing some incompatible applications or temporarily deactivating other programs.

In other cases, the fault might be attributable to the VPN client itself, but in our instance, the VPN is a built-in component of the TotalAV security suite; thus there isn’t a single independent software for it. As a result, you must maintain perpetual updates for the TotalAV antivirus client.

While basic troubleshooting can usually resolve internet connection issues, which can greatly contribute to VPN connection issues, there are some instances when you’ll need to call your ISP to get them resolved.

Whatever your unique circumstance, if TotalAV VPN isn’t functioning properly on your devices, look no further than this guide. Hopefully, after implementing our suggestions, you’ll be good to go.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Why isn’t TotalAV working for me?

In some cases, a shaky Internet connection may blame the Total AV Antivirus VPN for not functioning. In this situation, ensure your network connection is working properly and that your login information is accurate. Try reconnecting to your system after restarting your VPN client. Enable bridge mode if you’re utilizing several routers.

2. Is TotalAV VPN Effective?

TotalAV produces applications for Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS. That includes the typical antivirus security for Windows and Mac. In addition, you will receive an antivirus defense, an optimizer, and an app manager for Android devices.

3. How does TotalAV define VPN?

You can increase your online security with the TotalAV add-on service, Safe Browsing VPN. A secure, encrypted connection is established across the internet to a different network using Safe Browsing VPN.

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