The Steam Player Count for Battlefield 2042 Is Lower Than That of Farming Simulator 22

The Steam Player Count for Battlefield 2042 Is Lower Than That of Farming Simulator 22

Farming Simulator 22 has a higher peak concurrent player count than Battlefield 2042, which launched with many bugs and other concerns.

Steam’s highest concurrent player base for Battlefield 2042 is lower than the newly launched Farming Simulator 22. Battlefield 2042’s poor fps and servers, as well as glitches, bugs, and other challenges, have plagued DICE’s new game since its November 19 launch. Certain remedies are being implemented to address some of these issues, but it is impossible to predict whether or not they will be successful.

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Many components from earlier Battlefield games were absent from Battlefield 2042, causing substantial discontent among its gamers. Along with these missing features, EA and DICE will likely find it difficult to repair the upcoming release’s underwhelming graphics, lackluster sound design, terrible gunplay, and general sluggish performance. Future Battlefield 2042 patches may address some of the game’s most serious flaws, but the game still has a long way to go before players are satisfied.

The seriousness of Battlefield 2042‘s troubles was recently emphasized by Kotaku, which noted that its active player population on Steam is smaller than that of the recently released Farming Simulator 22. Of course, Battlefield 2042 may be played on various platforms, with Steam being only one of them. Outdoing a high-profile release – like as a new Battlefield game – on a large platform like Steam, on the other hand, is important, regardless of how green-fingered the Steam community is (or isn’t). The disparity in numbers is notable, with Battlefield 2042 reaching 52,000 players in the last 24 hours and its newfound opponent reaching 94,000. The game’s state is already degrading, as it has been added to Steam’s list of games with the most negative reviews.

While Battlefield 2042 is underperforming on Steam, it’s possible that the sample of data provided there doesn’t represent the game’s user base on other platforms. Regardless of this scenario, Battlefield 2042’s low Steam ratings are noteworthy on their own, even if its stats on other platforms are far better. Steam is a famous distributor of PC games, and PCs are one of the most extensively utilized gaming devices on the market. Regardless of whether Battlefield 2042 performs better on other platforms than on Steam, the data shown here appear to show a significant drop in potential gamers – even when other platforms are taken into account.

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Despite the outpouring of dissatisfaction and negative reviews, the news for the new release is not all terrible. Battlefield 2042 offers roughly double the number of players as the previous chapter in Battlefield 5. Perhaps the franchise will avoid a bullet if this game’s poor start does not frighten away too many players and the series continues to improve its launch times for future versions. It’s impossible to predict what will happen to EA and DICE in the future, but they certainly have their job cut out for them.

Battlefield 2042 is available for Xbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox One S, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, and Windows.

Source: Kotaku