The release date of the Galaxy S21 FE has been leaked

The release date of the Galaxy S21 FE has been leaked

In the IT business, dates and phrases linked with them might be a little perplexing. Depending on the circumstances, a product may be introduced on one date, but it may only be truly available one or two weeks later. Most of the time, the time between is employed for some pre-order marketing or to further excite the product’s popularity. The Galaxy S21 FE is probably not even in need of promotion at this time, and based on the latest leak, it appears that Samsung will go straight to sales with the device.

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When it comes to leaks, the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition has, of course, had a long and illustrious track record. A period of time passed during which it was thought to have been utterly scrapped, only to resurface with the most unexpected launch date. As many had predicted, the Galaxy S21 FE will launch near the Galaxy S22, and it appears that Samsung has opted to go forward with the launch nonetheless.

Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech has reported that Samsung is planning to introduce the Galaxy S21 FE during its Unpacked event, which will take place shortly before the start of CES 2022. Already, this represents a significant shift for Samsung, but the specifics that follow are even more significant changes. According to reports, there will be no pre-order period for the phone, and it will be available for purchase just one week after that.

This implies that people who want to get their hands on a Galaxy S21 FE early will have to decide between getting one or not getting one. Of course, they can still choose to wait for the first reviews to come in. In the case of a high-profile handset such as the Galaxy S21 FE, it is unusual for Samsung not to run a pre-order campaign, especially if the company is using the chance to showcase what may be a difficult-to-sell product.

Given the timeframe of the Galaxy S21 FE’s release, Samsung may have difficulty persuading users to purchase the device, especially given its specifications, which date back to early 2021. The business may drop the phone price dramatically to make it more appealing, but doing so would add to the confusion among consumers, especially if the Galaxy S21 FE will be sacrificing a considerable number of “fan features” to do so. The Galaxy S20 FE, for example, is projected to lose the microSD card slot in addition to the 3.5mm headphone port, which was already gone from the previous model.

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According to the same leak, the Galaxy S22 will be unveiled on February 8th, adding even more ambiguity to the situation. The base model is believed to have many characteristics with the Galaxy S21, and hence with the Galaxy S21 FE, but will be housed in a significantly smaller package. In a nutshell, Samsung lovers will face a difficult decision over the next two months as they try to pick which phone to purchase.