The KOTOR Remake Is Supposed to Include All-New Play Modes

The KOTOR Remake Is Supposed to Include All-New Play Modes

The KOTOR remake is expected to include brand-new play styles inspired by God of War or Nioh, as opposed to the original’s turn-based action combat.

Aspyr’s upcoming Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – Remake is said to offer all-new play modes, departing from the original’s turn-based combat and emulating games like God of War and Nioh. Even though the KOTOR remake is in the works, little is known about the game’s gameplay or release date. Although the original KOTOR games were Xbox system exclusives for four generations, the KOTOR remake will be a timed PS5 exclusive at launch. The lack of more data concerning the KOTOR remake hasn’t stopped widespread conjecture and theories.

MrMattyPlays, a YouTuber, had suggested that the Star Wars: KOTOR revival would abandon its rigid RPG features in favor of a more action-oriented fighting style. The original KOTOR games used turn-based combat, which required players to plan out each move before engaging in combat. However, that method has been mostly ignored in contemporary RPGs, with simultaneous or action combat reigning supreme. Though that huge change may scare fans of the original game, Aspyr has been working closely with the KOTOR brand for a long time – having developed all of the franchise’s port work – so it’s possible that the modifications in KOTOR won’t be too drastic or detract from the original’s appeal. Aspyr was also said to have hired BioWare staff for the remake of KOTOR, bolstering the studio’s credibility in properly restarting a beloved fan series.

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The KOTOR remake will contain several play modes inspired by some of the largest action games in the business, according to MrMattyPlays, which Jakemanv3 reported on Reddit. MrMattyPlays claims that an anonymous source – who has previously confirmed rumors such as KOTOR’s release date – claimed that the game remake will have an action combat style rather than the original turn-based fighting and that the developers “looked towards God of War [and] Nioh” for inspiration. A job post for a Combat Designer at Aspyr, which specifies tasks regarding action combat design, appears to back this up. MrMattyPlays reported that his source claimed that the game might include different play modes but did not identify which ones. He speculated that the modes would be similar to those found in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, in which players can slow down time while fighting. Players in the KOTOR remake will likely pick between turn-based and action-style combat or swap fluidly between the two.

Aspyr has a lengthy history with KOTOR games, having just converted the original to the Nintendo Switch. As a result, having various play modes in the KOTOR remake may seem appropriate, offering players more choice between turn-based battle sequences and action-style fighting. Players could choose between a classic mode and a standard battle mode in FF7R, with the former enabling them to watch battles develop while the latter offered them real-time control over attacks, defense, and abilities.

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While MrMattyPlays has previously provided accurate information, the rumor should be treated with caution. There is no certainty that the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – Remake will feature separate play modes until Aspyr makes an official announcement. If it does, it’s unclear what those play modes will be like, though Aspyr might add action components into KOTOR’s remake in various ways.

Source: MrMattyPlaysAspyr (via Jakemanv3/Reddit)