The iPhone 14 could have a 120Hz ProMotion display on all models

The iPhone 14 could have a 120Hz ProMotion display on all models

While we wait for the iPhone 13’s arrival in September, plans are already being made for the iPhone 14. The phone you have been waiting for, the iPhone 12 Pro Max, is now available.

You’re probably aware that Apple will soon offer its first iPhones with 120Hz ProMotion displays. The faster shows will only be available for the iPhone 13 Pro models, according to all reports. This is likely because Apple has to order the ProMotion displays from Samsung, which means that the yields are too low to supply all four models.

This could change in 2022. According to a report by The Elec in Korea, LG is currently converting its display manufacturing plant to LTPO OLED in the hopes that it will be able to supply displays for the all-OLED iPhone lineup of 2022. This would allow the non-Pro models to join the iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max in receiving 120Hz displays. It is similar to how Apple added OLED last year to its entire lineup.

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According to rumors, Apple will drop the iPhone mini in 2022 and replace it with a new non-Pro Max phone. It would be the same size as the Pro Max, but at $200 less. In addition, rumors suggest that Pro models will receive a 48MP wide-angle lens, so large-phone enthusiasts will have two unique models to choose from.

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