The Galaxy A53 5G renderings indicate a concerning omission.

The Galaxy A53 5G renderings indicate a concerning omission

Samsung’s Galaxy A series has been making waves for the past year or so, especially in the United States, where more expensive flagship phones normally get the lion’s share of the market and attention. Because of its inexpensive 5G offering, the Galaxy A51 5G has become one of the brand’s best-selling models in the United States. Samsung has been attempting to milk the Galaxy A series for as long as possible, but the next Galaxy A53 5G could take a different path and not in a good one.

The Galaxy A line was created to combine the best of both luxury and mid-range worlds. The latter was represented by the Galaxy M series when Samsung attempted (and failed) to condense its smartphone models into a smaller number of families. It would have elements of the popular designs seen on the Galaxy S flagships, but with just enough hardware to keep purchasers from burning a hole in their wallets. That worked for the most part, but Samsung may not be able to close the gap with the high-end very soon.

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The Galaxy A53 hasn’t made much of an appearance in the rumor mill. Thus details on its specifications are still few. A 64-megapixel camera and a 120-Hz screen are expected, but that’s about it. Now, renders from @OnLeaks and are pointing to one critical aspect, or rather its omission.

This year, the Galaxy A53 5G looks remarkably similar to the Galaxy A52, with a few minor modifications. The backplate, for example, is flat and probably still plastic, but the edges curve to give it the same appearance. The main difference is that, at least in these renders, the Galaxy A53 doesn’t appear to have a headphone port.

Samsung has nearly eliminated the 3.5mm headphone jack from its smartphones, and the market trend already suggests that it will become common on all levels shortly. It’s nevertheless upsetting when this happens to equipment aimed at a certain market group, particularly one that hasn’t fully embraced Bluetooth headphones and earbuds. Even while Bluetooth devices have become more common and more affordable in recent years, some consumers still refuse to buy a pair, especially if their phones already come with earbuds.

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That raises the question of whether the Galaxy A53 5G will include earphones, which Samsung has also removed from its premium flagships. This would, of course, add to the cost of the phone for those who purchase it, further alienating the Galaxy A series’ intended audience. But, on the other hand, the smartphone has never truly sat still, waiting for customers to catch up.

The models also reveal nothing about the presence or absence of a microSD card slot, another “holdover” from previous generations of smartphones. Thus, the Galaxy A53 could signal the end of an era for the Galaxy A series, bringing it closer to what has become normal on high-end premium Samsung phones over the past few years.

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