The Affinity Software Suite Updates to Version 1.9


The net’s favorite Adobe Creative Cloud choice has only gotten better.

The Affinity trinity is becoming something of a dark horse in the realm of digital multimedia applications. The creative suite has climbed to prominence gradually over time following the launch of Affinity Designer in 2013.

The brand new update promises to accelerate your artistic workflow.

Affinity Programs Run Smoother Today

An article posted to Affinity Spotlight, version 1.9 of Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, and Affinity Publisher, is currently available.

Not only are there a couple of new features, but you ought to realize that all 3 Affinity programs have obtained significant performance enhancements. 

Even when you often utilize the enormous file sizes, such as that of complicated vector documents.

Affinity Spotlight editor Melanie Khareghat writes that both Photo and Designer finally have a Connected Graphics and Resource Manager, which “reduces file dimensions and simplifies collaborative functioning.”

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Designer and Publisher have rolled out a brand new Bundle attribute, which permits you to package all of your tools (for example, fonts and images ) from a job into a folder. You can move it quickly to a different platform, which is suitable for innovative teams.

Other attribute upgrades include a new shape tool in Designer, more affirmed camera kinds from Photo, and quicker IDML importing in Publisher.

Should you utilize Affinity programs on a Windows computer, then there is even more great news: most of the Windows versions of the programs now have hardware (GPU) acceleration. 

You may expect significant performance boosts should you satisfy the hardware requirements, particularly if you’re fond of filters along with other alterations.

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Affinity’s Growing Popularity

Ashley Hewson, the Managing Director of Affinity writer Serif, asserted that 2020 had been “a second-year that saw record numbers of people changing to Affinity.”

She does not fall into competitor names. But suppose you are a digital artist, photographer, or editor. 

In that case, you understand that if Hewson cites people “shifting,” she is probably referring to people who have ditched Adobe’s Creative Cloud in favor of their Affinity trinity.

Adobe ceased selling perpetual licenses to their goods in favor of a monthly subscription service in 2013, and lots of artists have been on the lookout for more affordable options ever since.

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But changing your principal software might turn out to be an issue because Adobe Creative Cloud is the market standard.

That stated, it might seem that Affinity version 1.9 is currently reeling in certain new users:

If You Switch to Affinity?

Using the newest version 1.9 upgrade, the Affinity suite further prides itself as slick, professional applications alternative for your creative work.

As always, you may download the newest Affinity upgrade for free on whatever stage (s) that you have bought a license for. 

At the time of writing, all of the Affinity programs are 50 percent off in reaction to the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic.