Tesla Bot humanoid robot is Elon Musk’s latest obsession

Tesla Bot humanoid robot is Elon Musk’s latest obsession

The illustrious Elon Musk are often credited for several things, but the tech luminary has also been criticized for a few rather unorthodox ideas, projects, and even statements. Best known for Tesla EVs, SpaceX rockets, and an uneventful company, Musk is now setting his sights on what might be his most eccentric project so far, excluding the Neuralink brain chip. the person who has been publicly distrustful of AI has just unveiled the makings of a humanoid robot that, when taken alongside the Starlink constellation of Internet-bearing satellites, would probably make some people worry about the longer term.

Granted, the “Tesla Bot” revealed at the company’s AI Day looks nothing, just like the frightening humanoid machines of fantasy. It’s more sort of a specially designed store mannequin with a featureless head. More importantly, it’s unintimidating and seems like something you’ll take down if necessary.

That’s a part of”> a part of the reassurance that Musk tried to form during the “one more thing” part of the presentation. At 5’8″ high and 125 lbs heavy, the Tesla Bot is meant with lightweight materials and limited to a speed of 5 mph so that humans can overcome it in an emergency. But, of course, it’s also made to be stronger than humans to assist perform dangerous, repetitive, or boring (not drilling) tasks.

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The Tesla Bot is also meant to showcase and test Tesla AI chops and its Dojo supercomputer, primarily designed to urge cars around without human interaction. In other words, Tesla Bot would about be sort of a self-driving Tesla car in humanoid form, complete with “human-level” hands and a spread of electromechanical actuators for smoother movement.

The humanoid will likely raise some eyebrows, but that has never stopped Elon Musk before. That said, some could think that Tesla must focus more on promised vehicles instead of yet one more moonshot distraction. Nevertheless, musk believes a prototype might be ready next year.

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