Tech Employment Growth in Alaska Expected to Resume After Challenging 2020

Tech Employment Growth in Alaska Expected to Resume After Challenging 2020

Technology-related job in Alaska is poised to accelerate 2021 and may surpass 18,000 employees by the year-end, based on CompTIA, a nonprofit association for the information technology business and labor.

CompTIA‘s Cyberstates 2021 report proves that in the conclusion of 2020, net technology jobs in the nation totaled 17,914 employees, 5.3 percent of their entire Alaska workforce. The estimated median salary of $84,451 for technology employees is 61 percent greater than the median salary for many jobs in the nation. Alaska is home to almost 1,100 tech companies, and the technology industry has a direct effect of about $2 billion over the nation’s market.

Job development this year is forecast to be directed by firms hiring center IT employees in several functions, such as cybersecurity, information scientists and software developers, and IT customer care experts. Requirement for employees with expertise and techniques in emerging infrastructure and engineering, artificial intelligence, information, next-gen cybersecurity, along with different regions of emerging technology, will continue to rise employers across businesses pursue electronic transformation plans.

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Within the previous five decades, job postings for these kinds of places have soared 190 percent.

“As we look forward to a fast-growing future of the ever-expanding digital marketplace, both huge challenges, and opportunity loom,” states Tim Herbert, executive vice president for research and market intelligence in CompTIA.

“Cyberstates affirms the significance of constructing resilient workforces and companies through skills development, strong and protected digital infrastructure, along with innovation-minded leadership.”

Tech Workforce Characteristics

Construction on CompTIA’s belief that “there is a location in technology for everybody” that the Cyberstates 2021 report involves an expanded examination of the features of America’s technology job, demonstrating a comparison of their representation of primary race and ethnicity classes, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in tech jobs and comparison to all jobs.

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The report also comes with a diversity index that measures both the breadth and depth of diversity from the technology workforce for all those seven teams from all fifty states, the District of Columbia, along with fifty-one urban niches.

In Alaska, girls account for 27% of their technology workforce in contrast to 26% nationwide. American Indians or Alaska Natives constitute 7 percent of their nation’s technician workforce (less than one percent nationwide ), representation of Hispanics or Latinos is roughly 4% (7 percent nationwide ), along with Blacks or African Americans, 2% (8% nationwide ).

Cyberstates 2021 provides comprehensive details regarding the dimensions and range of the technology business and workforce in the federal, state, and subway area-levels, such as time-series trending, average salary, business institutions, job postings, creation, and emerging technology metrics.

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