Saturday, December 10, 2022
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Hyundai Wants To Create A Metaverse Using Real Robots

Hyundai wants the Metaverse to interact with the actual world through robotic avatars, allowing you to virtually "wear" a Boston Dynamics robot. Hyundai intends to...

Hyundai Factory Safety Service Robot puts Spot on factory patrol

Boston Dynamic's first "BigDog" robot may are the thing of robotic nightmares, but its smaller Spot has received mixed feedback both from people and...

Hyundai Acquires Boston Dynamics and Its Robot Dog, Spot

Automobile manufacturer Hyundai has obtained robotics firm Boston Dynamics and its resources, such as Spot the robot puppy. Throughout the past couple of decades, Boston...

Hyundai Android Auto Not Working

Here we can see "Hyundai Android Auto Not Working" If you have your hands on a brand new Hyundai vehicle, you likely need to benefit...

Hyundai Leadership Split Over Apple Car Collaboration

Resources assert some Hyundai executives would have to be substituted to prevent a culture clash beneath Apple's venture. Specialists at Hyundai are allegedly "painful" over...