Surface Pro Won’t Connect to the Iphone’s Hotspot

Surface Pro Won’t Connect to the Iphone’s Hotspot

Here we can see, “Surface Pro Won’t Connect to the Iphone’s Hotspot”

  • For graphic artists who want to use assets and sketch things while on the fly, the Surface Pro 4 is an excellent and quick device.
  • You need an internet connection to use the Surface Pro to its full potential, which you can get by, for example, using your iPhone to connect to a hotspot.

You can utilize your Surface Pro to its full potential regardless of your device, whether it’s an iPhone or an Android.

You may access your documents, music, images, and other favorites when used in tandem. Tethering allows you to utilize your mobile phone as a hotspot as well.

The Surface Pro 4 and iPhone are excellent partners, but occasionally, the Surface Pro 4 won’t connect to your iPhone’s hotspot for reasons related to network settings or some other underlying issue.

This article examines how to resolve this connection problem utilizing the below solutions.

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How do I fix Surface Pro 4 not connecting to the hotspot?

1. Check special characters on the SSID name

    1. Choose General.
    2. Next, choose About.
    3. After that, choose Name.
    4. Remove any spaces from the name of your iPhone, then connect with your Surface Pro by turning on Personal Hotspot.

Sometimes the special characters used in the iPhone name cause the device to not detect the characters, preventing your Surface Pro 4 from connecting to the iPhone hotspot. As a result, you need to alter it.

2. Disable Network Device

    1. Open a desktop.
    2. From the right, swipe and select Settings.
    3. Select Network and Sharing Center from the Control Panel menu.
    4. Select Change Adapter Settings.
    5. The Wi-Fi adapter should be selected, then click “Disable this Network Device.”
    6. After a brief delay, turn it back on. Now it ought should appear.
    7. Select Hardware and Sound from the Control Panel menu.
    8. Select Devices and Printers next.
    9. Establish a wireless network on the iPhone. In Personal Hotspot, you can find the password for this.

Disabling your Surface Pro 4’s network device is another option. You need to modify your adapter settings and turn your second device into a wireless network in order to accomplish this.

3. Check WiFi settings on your Surface

    1. Choose Settings from Start.
    2. The Internet & Network option.
    3. To see if Wi-Fi is turned on, tap on it.
    4. Verify that Airplane mode is off after that.
    5. If your iPhone hotspot is shown among the accessible networks, but you cannot connect to it, check one last time.

Sometimes, you must make sure your Wi-Fi connection is turned on. Additionally, the Airplane mode must be disabled for your internet to function, as it will prevent any data transfers from your phone if it is on.

4. Check your network on another device

Make sure the network is functioning correctly on another device if your Surface Pro 4 shows your iPhone hotspot in the list of possible networks, but you are unable to connect. Additionally, confirm that the device has a functional internet connection that can be shared over the hotspot.

If it doesn’t function on other gadgets, hardware or network issues may block a functional connection to your Surface Pro.

5.Check the date and time settings

    1. In the Start menu, tap Settings.
    2. Choose Time and Language.
    3. Verify the information is accurate and make any necessary changes.
    4. Attempt to join your Wi-Fi network.

On your Surface Pro 4, you may also check and, if necessary, modify your date and time settings. If the time and date on your devices do not match, this information may cause problems with your connection.

6. Check to see if MAC address filtering is enabled

      1. Enter cmd in the taskbar search box, then choose Command Prompt.
      2. Type ipconfig /all at the command prompt.
      3. Press Enter.
      4. The physical address can be found. This is your Surface’s MAC address.
      5. To check if MAC filtering is blocking your Surface Pro 4 from connecting to your iPhone hotspot, briefly disable it.
      6. Add your Surface’s MAC address to the iPhone’s authorized list.

    The Surface Pro 4 won’t connect to the iPhone hotspot issue can be brought up by MAC filtering. If it is on, switch it by performing the actions mentioned above.

    7. Check the signal

    You may be out of range if you have poor or no connectivity; therefore you should verify your signal. Choose a wireless network on the taskbar, then count the number of bars that are lit up in the cellular icon.

    You are most likely outside your operator’s range if there is only one illuminated bar or none. You have to move to come back in range in order to reconnect.

    It’s simple to lose a wi-fi signal, especially if you’re in another room or distant from your router. Due to the difficulty of traveling through concrete barriers, wi-fi radio waves should be used cautiously.

    8. Allow roaming

        1. In the Start menu, tap Settings.
        2. The Internet & Network option.
        3. Select Cellular next, and then take a look at the interface’s right side.
        4. Select Connect automatically after choosing your mobile operator’s name.
        5. Select Let Device Roam.

      Make sure roaming is enabled if you wish to utilize an iPhone hotspot while going outside of your mobile operator’s network service area.

      Thanks to roaming, you can access the Internet even when you are outside your mobile operator’s network.

      Some service providers have different data plans incorporating roaming or charging an additional fee. When you leave the coverage area of your cell operator, roaming should automatically switch on your Surface.

      This concludes all potential solutions for your problems with the Surface Pro 4’s connection to a mobile hotspot.


      I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

      User Questions

      1. Why am I unable to connect my Surface Pro to my iPhone hotspot?

      Make sure roaming is enabled if you wish to use an iPhone hotspot connection while going outside of your cell operator’s network service area. Disabling your network device on your Surface Pro 4 is another option if you’re using the Surface Pro 5 that doesn’t support LTE.

      2. Why does my laptop claim that it cannot connect to the hotspot on my iPhone?

      Check that your cellular carrier has enabled Personal Hotspot and that your wireless plan supports it if you cannot locate or activate it. Restart both the device that needs to connect to Personal Hotspot and the iPhone or iPad that delivers it. Make sure you are running the most recent iPadOS or iOS version.

      3. Why is my laptop’s hotspot on my phone unable to connect?

      Verify that you entered the password correctly if the network requires one. Additionally, the network may operate at a different frequency than the wireless drivers on your laptop; for instance, if the network operates at 5 GHz and your drivers operate at 2.4 GHz, you won’t be able to connect to it.

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