Squid Game’s Red Light Green Light, Honeycomb Games Remade In Core

Squid Game's Red Light Green Light, Honeycomb Games Remade In Core

The Red Light Green Light and Honeycomb games from Squid Game were rebuilt in Core, allowing fans to play Netflix’s latest hit.

Netflix’s Squid Game’s Red Light Green Light and Honeycomb games were rebuilt on Manticore Game’s video game development platform Core. The nine-episode South Korean sitcom Squid Game was launched on Netflix just over a month ago, but it has already been seen by 142 million homes worldwide. The series, which has now gone viral on the internet, is expected to make Netflix $891 million, a significant profit over the series’ $21.4 million budget. The gloomy survival programme has been recreated across multiple mediums such as YouTube videos, TikToks, and even video games, resulting in Squid Game’s expanding popularity.

In a recent incarnation, the children’s games from Squid Game have been rebuilt in Core, a free-to-play video game production system akin to PlayStation’s Dreams. The system enables the virtual creation of user-generated game worlds that may be turned into video games ranging from simple mini-games to full-fledged titles. Even though the game is currently in early access on the Epic Game Store, more than 20,000 games have been produced with the programme, with 200 new or modified games added every day. While there are a lot of games in Core Early Access that might use some work, there are a few that are worth checking out. And there’s no shortage of new content to be found daily.

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Squid Fish Game by deepHorizonsCI, which contains a reconstruction of the bunker in Squid Game and the Red Light Green Light and Honeycomb games, was just added to the Core library. There are five stages to accomplish, and players must complete them in the quickest time possible. The game is classified as an obstacle course in the Core collection. Therefore it differs slightly from the survival games in the Squid Game series. Compared to the 456 players who began the Netflix series, there is a maximum player count of 16. Over 58,000 people have played deepHorizonsCI’s Squid Fish Game thus far.

Squid Game has expanded into the present cultural standard across numerous channels, making it more than just a TV show. The Netflix series has gone mainstream, with Squid Game appearing in video games and videos recreating parts of the game. Mr Beast, a renowned YouTuber, is planning his own real-life Squid Game, in which players would fight for a cash reward in the now-famous Red Light Green Light and Honeycomb games, among others. Thankfully, unlike in the series, there will be no physical harm to those who are eliminated. In the imaginary game, participants who are eliminated are executed.

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Video games provide a more accessible way to participate in the otherwise dangerous imaginary game. Thanks to game makers like Core, players can try their hand at numerous children’s games without incurring grave consequences if they lose.

Core is available on PC via the Epic Game Store in Early Access.

Source: deepHorizonsCI/Core