Squid Game’s Guards Become Among Us Impostors In 3D Crossover

Squid Game's Guards Become Among Us Impostors In 3D Crossover

With incredible 3D artwork, an artist has reimagined Squid Game’s guards as Among Us imposters, earning praise from the game’s developer.

With stunning 3D visuals, a talented artist has reimagined the guards of Squid Game as Among Us imposters. The minimal design of the Among Us characters makes them an ideal blank canvas for creator crossovers, with previous fanart including an Among Us and Super Smash Bros. mash-up.

Following its release on Netflix last month, Squid Game has taken the world by storm. Squid Game, which has quickly become one of the year’s most popular shows, follows a group of homeless people who are allowed to compete for money by participating in a variety of children’s games that test their skill, bravery, and integrity. But, when players realize they’re not just playing for money but also for their lives, things turn sour. The series has become an overnight sensation, with fans comparing Squid Game to Pokémon GO and other popular video games.

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The reimagining of Squid Game’s guards by graphic artist BossLogic has wowed Twitter. With their Among Us imposter 3D makeover, which includes the infamous red suits and black masks seen in the show, the show’s overseers look far less formidable but a lot more sus. The guns used by Squid Game’s guards and the circle, triangle, and square symbols that have become synonymous with the Netflix series are all featured in the Among Us crossover. The fanart caught the attention of the official Among Us Twitter account, which praised the designs as “SO GOOD.”


This is the first time a Squid Game crossover has been seen in Among Us, but it isn’t the first time the imposters have been brought to life in 3D. While Among Us has 2D graphics, a Fall Guys crossover earlier this year added imposter skins to the battle royale game, allowing players to dress their beans as 3D Among Us characters. As a result, squid Game’s battle royale-style children’s games have already been compared to Fall Guys, with many fans hoping for an official crossover between the two shows.

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The players’ green tracksuits, Seong Gi-red hun’s hair, and, of course, the circle, triangle, and square symbols used throughout Squid Game are already proving to be iconic and could make for excellent crossover content with games like Among Us. While such content would almost certainly be a hit with fans of both the show and the game, it’s unclear whether Netflix would be interested in working together. The streaming service recently acquired Night School Studio, the developer of Oxenfree, which could indicate that it is developing its original games or TV tie-ins in the future.

Source: Twitter/BossLogic