Spotify Eliminates the ‘Car View’ Feature From Its Mobile Apps

Spotify Eliminates the 'Car View' Feature From Its Mobile Apps

Car View is being “retired” by the corporation so that it may focus on other services.

Spotify has confirmed that it has deleted Car View from its mobile apps, a feature that displayed a streamlined Now Playing page when connected to a vehicle’s entertainment system.

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Spotify users began to realize Car View was missing in mid-October, according to Android Police. In a community forum discussion, those users expressed their dissatisfaction with the feature’s withdrawal, prompting one of Spotify’s moderators to confirm the feature’s removal.

“This doesn’t rule out the possibility of improving how our users listen to Spotify while driving,” remarked a Spotify forum moderator. “On the contrary, we’re working on a number of new approaches to provide the finest in-car listening experience possible. Consider car-demise view’s as something that must occur in order to create way for fresh developments on the horizon.”

The moderator suggested utilizing Google Assistant to operate Spotify while driving instead of manually accessing the app. Meanwhile, the business claims to be working on making its apps work better in cars, although it hasn’t specified what that entails.

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Following the April launch of Car Thing, a gadget that pairs with Spotify Premium subscribers’ phones to allow them to manage audio playing with voice commands, the built-in touchscreen, and a dedicated volume knob, Car View was removed from Spotify’s mobile apps.

It’s unclear whether Spotify‘s decision to remove Car View from its mobile apps was affected by the arrival of Car Thing, but as Android Police points out, “having customers buy a $80 add-on to give them access to functionality they already had isn’t fantastic,” even if the moves are unconnected.