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How to Record and View Programs on Cloud DVR

Spectrum Cloud DVR (DVR) and Cloud DVR Plus (cDVR Plus) allow you to record TV programs and consider them remotely from your devices.

You can access cDVR or cDVR Plus recordings on SpectrumTV.net or through the Spectrum TV app on Roku, Apple devices, Android devices, Apple TV, and Xbox.

Additional details:

  • You can schedule and record up to 50 live shows directly with DVR or up to 100 live shows now with cDVR Plus.
  • cDVR Recordings but up to 90 days, and up to at least one year with cDVR Plus.
  • You can watch recordings both in and out of the house.
  • You can watch many streams at home and a maximum of three simultaneous streams outside the house.
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Schedule Recordings on Cloud DVR

To schedule a recording:

  1. Find the program you would like to record.
  2. Select the program to urge to the knowledge page.
  3. Select Record. Successfully set recordings are going to be indicated by a confirmation message and a red circle icon.

To record a series:

  1. Find the series you would like to record.
  2. Select the program to urge to the knowledge page.
  3. The preferred choice to Record Series.
  4. You’ll have the choice to:
    • Record all episodes or new episodes.
    • Save until space is required or for 90 days (DVR) or one year (cDVR Plus).
    • Set a Start and End time.
    • Choose a selected channel for the recording.
  5. After making selections, select Confirm or Record.
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Watch and Delete Recordings

To watch recorded programs:

  1. Access recorded programs on your device supported their specific program library:
    • SpectrumTV.net, Android and iOS devices: DVR > My Recordings.
    • Roku and Apple TV: My Library > Recordings.
  2. Select the program you want to observe for details.
  3. Select the Play button.

To delete a recording:

  1. Find the program information page.
  2. Select Delete Recording.
  3. Confirm choice on a subsequent screen.

Cancel Recordings

To cancel recordings:

  1. Locate the recording in your DVR or Library list of programs.
  2. Select the program on the Scheduled list to access the program information page.
  3. Select Cancel or Cancel Series.