Sony to Offer Gran Turismo Goodies as Part of PlayStation Days of Play

Sony to Offer Gran Turismo Goodies as Part of PlayStation Days of Play

While Gran Turismo 7 will not observe the daytime anytime soon because its official release is already pushed back into 2022 because of the worldwide health catastrophe, Sony is giving fans of this franchise another means to reveal their love for the sport.

The forthcoming PlayStation Days of Play, a yearly event that provides PlayStation players the opportunity to win free things, including topics and avatars and accessibility free multiplayer throughout the weekend, may also incorporate a few Gran Turismo 7 spins.

Users that need to be a part of this new event only will have to enroll until May 31, then make points playing matches for a minimum of one hour playing with friends, along with making prizes. The more points they earn, the nearer they get to many landmarks that guarantee specific rates, such as exclusive PSN avatars along with PS4 themes, a few of which are accessible as collective decorations.

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By way of instance, when the neighborhood reaches stage plays and one 2.4 million matches plus earns 7.2 million decorations, everyone receives a single PSN avatar plus one PS4 energetic motif. As a part of this point, there is also a bonus target, now using 3 million games played with and 8.8 million prizes earned, for three additional PSN avatars, for example, a for Gran Turismo.

Phase two takes 2.9 million games played with and 8.5 million prizes made for 5 PSN avatars, even though a bonus target brings them such avatars. The toughest to achieve is phase three, whose first bonus target comprises a second Grant Turismo PSN avatar.

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PlayStation 5 owners won’t have the ability to obtain the PS4 topics, but they will have the ability to use the PSN avatars they make throughout the occasion. The very first phase ends on May 24, but after you enroll for the event, you’ll be a part of all 3 phases and also be eligible for all awards when the above milestones are attained.