Skype now works also on Firefox after two years

Skype now works also on Firefox after two years

When the COVID-19 outbreak sparked the video conferencing craze last year, it was no surprise that Microsoft jumped on board as well. However, it was surprising that it emphasized getting its younger Teams platform up to speed over advertising its video conferencing service, which Microsoft has had for years. Indeed, some, including Microsoft, may have almost forgotten about Skype at this time. Microsoft has finally made Skype operate on Firefox two years after unveiling its new Web version, though not without what may be a needless warning.

Given that there is already a Skype desktop app, a Web browser experience may seem unnecessary. However, not everyone will want to install a separate program simply for the occasional call, and not everyone will want to use Microsoft’s blessed browser. However, depending on which browser you choose, you may have felt spurned by Microsoft.

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By switching Microsoft Edge from its in-house edge HTML engine to Chromium, comparable browsers such as Chrome and Opera could support the new Skye for Web experience. Safari users on Macs, on the other hand, had to wait until May of this year to be able to use Skype in their preferred browser.

It is now the turn of Firefox users to be treated equally. Going to the Skype landing page for browsers, according to Dr. Windows, will finally allow you to enjoy the communication platform’s features. Unfortunately, there is still a notice that not all features may be available. However, this may not be true.

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This Firefox compatibility will be available in Skype 8.78, which is presently in preview for Insiders. There’s no indication when it’ll be available to the public, but until then, expect Skype’s official documentation to continue to assume that Firefox is the only browser that doesn’t support Skype for Web.

Source: skype | drwindows