Shorten FB Page URL


How to Give Your Facebook Page a Short Address

If You’ve Got a Facebook page for your company or business, it likely has a long speech, for example:

Can not it be wonderful to have a briefer page speech? Like:

For many pages, in the right time of the invention, you receive a choice to go into a brief title, but others that you want to achieve about 25 pages enjoy (followers) until you may have a custom personalized speech.

Listed below are the steps for making a shorter speech on your FB page.

  1. Click Settings at the top right beneath the Recent Chat icon.
  2. Click Page Info. As revealed below, you are going to be advised that Page Info has transferred.
  3. Click the Visit About Tab link to accomplish the page settings. It is also possible to reach this screen by visiting and Page Info.
  4. Click Edit next to Facebook Internet Speech and enter a favorite brief Facebook address. If this speech is available, you’ll have it.
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Can I reserve a Facebook Page username for later?

Do not rely upon “booking” a Facebook URL and username!

A Page’s username may likewise be eliminated due to inactivity. YES, this occurred to me! I Specified a URL and did not use the WebpageWebpage.

Now URL belongs to somebody else!

Therefore, if you would like to maintain a Facebook Page URL for afterward, article on the Page — or Facebook can launch your username to get another person to grab up.