Secretlab Announces Its All-New 2022 Series Gaming Chairs

Secretlab Announces Its All-New 2022 Series Gaming Chairs

Secretlab has a new range of top-quality gaming chairs available for your comfort and consideration. Secretlab’s latest gaming chair collection is designed to provide a dedicated space for gamers.

Secretlab Announces 2022 Titan EVO Gaming chairs.

Secretlab, a well-known manufacturer and designer of luxury gaming chairs, shared details about the 2022 TITAN Evo models.

Secretlab claims that the TITAN Evo is a combination of the 2020 Titan and Omega models. As a result, it offers plenty of space as well as luxury-level comfort.

The Secretlab website has the TITAN Evo available for purchase.

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What is the Secretlab Titan EVO2022 Gaming Chair?

It is, in fact, a gaming chair. The TITAN Evo, however, is the latest addition to Secretlab’s range of gaming chairs. It has been loaded with features that will ensure you have a comfortable gaming experience.

What are we seeing with the TITAN 2022 Evo?

Let’s begin with the aesthetics. There are two options for the chair: woven or synthetic leather. The chair also comes in 11 color options, from black and white PU leather to pink SoftWeave Plus fabrics.

There are three sizes available for the chairs, which cater to almost everyone. There are three sizes: regular, small, and extra-large. Secretlab can accommodate any size player, no matter how tall or broad they are.

Secretlab designed the ergonomic pebble seat to give your legs more movement while you play your games.

Secretlab also has a lot of thought about supporting your entire body. For example, Cold-form foam is used to provide all the support you need for your lower back and buttocks while you play.

Secretlab also designed a 4-way L-ADAPT Lumbar System that provides customizable support for your lower back. It can be adjusted to move in and out and up and down, so it will support your unique lumbar region throughout the play.

Apart from the above, there are 4D armrests that can move and rotate in four dimensions (up/down; left/right; backward/forward; rotate).

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You can also recline the chair up to 165 degrees. This makes it great for gaming or relaxing. The TITAN Evo also features memory foam cushions that support your lower spine and head.

Secretlab adds an aluminum wheelbase to the package, supported by five casters for easy movement in your office or game room.

Secretlab wants you to game in comfort.

Secretlab chairs are high-quality gaming chairs. Although this premium quality is expensive, you will soon discover that cheap gaming chairs can be uncomfortable and don’t last long.