How to Save Animated Gif From Powerpoint Slideshow

How to Save Animated Gif From Powerpoint Slideshow

Here we can see, “How to Save Animated Gif From Powerpoint Slideshow”

  • The animated graphics can be utilized as alternative informational materials or as a playful eye-catcher to grab the audience’s attention.
  • With the Export/Save As Animated GIF feature in Powerpoint, you have the option to save animated GIFs from a slideshow.

Are you planning to produce a PowerPoint presentation and looking for a way to make your information a little more entertaining? Or perhaps you simply didn’t know where to begin when you had the concept for an animated GIF?

In that case, GIF files and movies and images might be a wise choice.

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What does GIF mean?

One of the first file types for pixel images was the GIF format, which stands for graphics interchange format.

GIFs are distinctive because they can show motion. Similar to flipbooks, GIFs display a stack of images in rapid succession.

This article discusses how to quickly save animated GIFs from a PowerPoint presentation in the sections below. This entire set of instructions works with PowerPoint in Microsoft Office 365.

How can I save an animated GIF from a PowerPoint slideshow?

1. Convert slideshow into GIF file

    1. Go to File in PowerPoint after opening the presentation you want to use.
    2. Create an Animated GIF by clicking Export and selecting it.
    3. Determine how few seconds you want to spend on each slide.
    4. PowerPoint will now save your presentation as a GIF if you choose Create GIF.
    5. You cannot modify the GIF to a finite number of repetitions once the file has been saved; it will instead be a continually looping GIF.

Thanks to the option Export/Save As Animated GIF, you may now create your ideas in PowerPoint.

Your presentations’ animations and other media (like GIF files) will all be present in the saved GIF file.

2. Convert slides individually into GIF files

    1. Select File after opening the PowerPoint presentation.
    2. Change the File type to GIF, click on Save, and then choose the desired destination.
    3. The Save button allows you to save the current slide or all slides as a GIF.
    4. To turn each individual slide into a GIF, select Current slide.

Shapes, text, pictures, SVGs, videos, animated GIFs, 3D models, and all PowerPoint animations and slide transitions are all supported by the Create GIF function.

Before exporting a PowerPoint file, it is best to let it play as a slide show. This will give you a precise notion of how your animated GIF file will seem in advance.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. How can I preserve a PowerPoint animated GIF?

A PowerPoint presentation can be saved as an animated GIF and shared on social media or through other online platforms. Create your presentation, including any animations, transitions, and visuals you like. Choose File > Export > Create an Animated GIF from the menu. The standard is for Medium quality.

2. How can I export a GIF that is animated?

Alternatively, select File > Export > Export Animated GIF from the menu. To choose a display option, choose a tab at the top of the Export picture or Export Animated GIF dialog box: Enhanced or two-up. (Optional) Choose the file type you want to utilize and the slices you want to optimize.

3. On Windows, how do you save a GIF?

Open the file on your computer after finding the GIF you wish to save. To access the panel for saving, perform a right-click on the GIF and select “Save File.” To ensure the animation is saved and will work when opened, give the file a name and stick with the.gif file format.

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