Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 set for irresistible price drop – but here’s what’s being cut to make it happen

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 set for irresistible price drop – but here's what's being cut to make it happen
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Samsung sets its foldable aside from its flagship series using camera specs.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is getting unveiled next month, but fans won’t be sure of their expected upgrade. A noted Samsung leaker has broken the news that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will have the “worst spec camera” of its devices this year.

Ice Universe took to Twitter with excellent news and bad news: the great information is that both the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 will “have the strongest folding screen technology”, but the bad news is that the camera specs are going to be a touch lackluster. Ice Universe goes thus far on saying that the smartphones will have “the worst spec camera”, with the Fold 3 sporting equivalent sensors as last year’s Galaxy Z Fold 2. Ice Universe notes that this is often “because Samsung killed Note21U itself”, about the rumor that Samsung is about to skip a replacement Galaxy Note this year.

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Samsung has spent a while shoring its hardware’s weaknesses in terms of build quality. the first Galaxy Fold debacle may be a distant memory for the foremost part. With the corporate filing patents for triple folding devices and showing off the Galaxy S Foldable smartphone prototypes just a few months ago, foldable is pretty just a gimmick. So instead, Samsung is doubling down with more products utilizing folding displays, and that is what you’re buying into with the Galaxy Z Fold line.

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The foldable price has been some extent of contention since launch, with the Galaxy Z Fold 2’s $1,999 / £1,799 / AU$2,999 tag raising some eyebrows. Unfortunately, Samsung permanently cut the worth of the Galaxy Z Flip 5G within the US at the beginning of the year, meaning we saw $250 knocked off its $1,449 US retail price (£1399 / AU$2,599). Word has it we’re sure a 20% price cutting this year on both devices, but that’s getting to be difficult to realize if Samsung is packing in premium features on top of its still new folding technology.

It’s unreasonable to expect upgrades to the folding form factors, also because of the best cameras, and not pay through the nose for it. It seems that Samsung is sensibly picking a lane by leaning into the folding tech for fans excited about that aspect over standard smartphone features. The Galaxy Z Fold line features a practical option that gives a hybrid smartphone-tablet combo within the Galaxy Z Fold series, while the clamshell Galaxy Z Flip line is for younger users or those that err more towards style than substance; it’s excellent and still offers the quality smartphone experience when unfolded. If you’re after the simplest camera options out there, these aren’t it.

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The Galaxy S21 series exists for those of you who want the foremost from your smartphone camera. You cannot get cutting-edge hardware and stellar cameras without paying for it, and it’s clear that folks aren’t wanting to do so going by the reception to the foldable’s pricing since they launched. Samsung also has got to worry about its competitors joining the fray this year, so keeping costs down and committing to developing the most strengths of every one of its lines seems the wisest thing to try to do. This suggests you would like to decide which features are the foremost important for you because you will not be getting all of them within the same package.