Samsung Galaxy Note Z “AKA” video is another coffin nail for true believers

Samsung Galaxy Note Z “AKA” video is another coffin nail for true believers

The next Samsung Galaxy Note device is seemingly here already – if you think what Samsung’s PR efforts in the week suggest. During a promotional video from Samsung Korea, a Bob Ross impersonator shows how the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 are often used as a mobile canvas with the Samsung S Pen. The critical bit comes right at the title screen, where the corporate shows: “Galaxy Z Fold3 (a.k.a 노트Z) Unboxing”. The bit in Korean (노트) is Note, an equivalent way it’d appear within the name Samsung Galaxy Note Z.

As suggested by FrontTron on Twitter, this promotional video might be Samsung’s final nail within the coffin for “bar type” Note Series devices for the immediate future. It doesn’t make an entire lot of sense to release one handheld machine with the power to figure with the S Pen and specialize in the S Pen, then follow up with another device that’s nearly identical in functionality with said S Pen (and split promotional efforts between the two). So instead, the S Pen on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will likely be the primary target for the stylus for the remainder of the year, at least.

The insider tips and comments on the Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone line are shooting up here and there over the past year.

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If we glance back at predictions for 2021, we see how the Galaxy Note lineup was likely to continue – just not necessarily within the sort of the quality Galaxy Note smartphone. The stylus included with the Galaxy Note, the S Pen, would instead expand beyond the reaches of the only phone.

It wasn’t the primary time the S Pen brand was released to devices aside from the Galaxy Note. Instead, the year 2021 proved (so far) to be the year Samsung confirmed that they’d be willing to sell the S Pen, break away any device, and include functionality with a few smartphone models.

We’re still holding out for the likelihood that Samsung would release a Galaxy Note that’s larger than the Galaxy Note 20, with a flat display board (no cascading edges, please), during a smartphone within the year 2022 or beyond. So, in Slime Green and Bubblegum Pink, please and thank you!

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