Roku has released a free The Explorers channel with UHD films for its 8K TVs

Roku has released a free The Explorers channel with UHD films for its 8K TVs

Roku debuted its first 8K-resolution smart TV in early August, a device made by TCL and available in two screen sizes: 65-inches and 75-inches. TCL’s 8K Roku TV is part of the company’s 6-Series collection, including 4K models. The 8K model has a great resolution, but how can consumers get the most of it?

Roku today announced the launch of a new channel dubbed “The Explorers,” which will include 8K content for the company’s 8K TV models. The Explorers is a collection of 8K HDR movies concentrating on Earth and its diverse ecosystems.

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The Explorers isn’t just for TCL 8K TVs; Roku claims that all television models, including high-definition and full high-definition versions, may download it for free. Consumers with the necessary gear can access the Ultra HD quality content as part of a premium movie library.

The Explorers provides Earth films that take viewers on an ultra-high-resolution voyage across sections of our planet they could not otherwise see. Consumers will be able to enjoy their TCL 8K TVs to their full potential thanks to the 8K resolution, which is a rarity at the moment.

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Even though most buyers prefer 4K models, 8K resolution is soon becoming a reality. In most cases, consumers can only watch upscaled 4K video on these TVs, which have about four times the pixel density of 4K UHD models. The absence of content alternatives, combined with the high prices, makes 8K TVs less ideal for the typical customer, yet they are available for individuals who want to be on the cutting edge.

Source: roku | discover8k