Roblox Update Bans Romantic Gestures, Including Hand Holding & Kissing

Roblox Update Bans Romantic Gestures, Including Hand Holding & Kissing

Roblox has received a new Terms of Service update that includes significant changes and limitations, such as the prohibition of dating and romantic content.

Roblox’s highly successful multiplayer game has received a new Terms of Service update that has introduced numerous significant changes, including the prohibition of romantic gestures, hand-holding, and kissing, leaving its community perplexed and irritated. To prepare for and reveal the passing trends within internet pop culture and cyber security, it is common to practise for multiplayer games to update their TOS regularly. Because its fanbase is immeasurably younger than most games, Roblox Corporation recently introduced an age verification system. More updates are on the way as the vulnerability of minors on Roblox has long been a concern.

Roblox is a free-to-play online game creation platform that allows users to play and create various games. The title has become one of the most profitable video games of all time, surpassing multiple other tags on the market and being valued at over $45 billion since its early release in 2006 and popularity explosion. While Roblox is primarily used as an educational tool and a creative outlet for many younger developers and audiences, it has been the subject of some controversy, including being used to recreate grisly real-world mass shootings and being bombarded by Donald Trump supporters who hacked minors’ accounts to send messages to their parents.

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The Roblox Corporation has updated its official website with Roblox’s new Terms of Service (TOS), including a staggering number of changes that players must adhere to continue playing the game and avoid being banned. One of the newest Community Standards rules is that experiences depicting “Dating and Romantic Content,” such as holding hands, kissing, and events like weddings, dates, and honeymoons, are prohibited. According to the update, using Roblox’s name, logo, or other designs commissioned by creatives, both on and off the platform, is also a violation of the game’s intellectual property rules. Influencers on Roblox were quick to react to the changes, with the new VPN and giveaway offence rules impacting the situation and potentially affecting future content. Players have created memes and refused to play the game due to this assessment of how much content will be changed or removed.

The Roblox Corporation was recently exposed for exploiting young developers and promoting unrealistic expectations of success through the platform’s Robux currency and sales system, which has sparked controversy. Roblox’s high value is derived from the in-game currency Robux, which developers can use to monetize their game creations and earn money on the platform. Robux, on the other hand, can only be spent in Roblox, and the company keeps 75.5 per cent of all game sales.

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The Roblox Corporation has updated its Terms of Service, and players are dissatisfied with the drastic changes and restrictions that have been implemented. The company reverted many previous updates after fan backlash, and players are hoping that the current controversy will help them reverse the changes once more.

Roblox is a video game that can be played on Xbox One, iOS, Android, and PC.

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