Restock of PS5 Target Is Supposed to Begin This Week

Restock of PS5 Target Is Supposed to Begin This Week

According to reports, Target will get a new shipment of PS5 consoles in January 2022, allowing enthusiasts another chance to get their hands on the in-demand Sony hardware.

A replenishment of PlayStation 5 systems is expected to arrive at Target later this week. Although the PS5 is the fastest-selling console in history, many gamers are still unable to obtain one. Thankfully, shops such as GameStop and Walmart have been working to increase their PS5 stock in recent months, albeit the popular new system tends to go from store shelves nearly as quickly as it arrives.

While console restocks tracker, Jake Randall predicts that Target stores will not be replenishing their PS5 inventory today, January 5, he expects that a new shipment of the console will arrive later this week (via VGC). According to Randall, the target is reportedly replenishing around 200 physical disk PS5s at some stores, while others have roughly 20 to 40 units available for sale. These stores also claimed to have PS5 Digital Edition consoles and Xbox Series X systems in stock, but these will be more limited than the actual PS5 shipment.

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While this rumoured resupply of PlayStation 5 systems at Target has yet to be confirmed, it’s worth noting that Jake Randall has previously forecast large Target PS5 shipments. So if the claims are accurate, players who have yet to get their hands on a PS5 may have another chance at their local Target later this week โ€” if the internet scalpers don’t acquire them all first. However, because the leaker hasn’t provided any official dates, people still looking for the Sony system should check with their local stores for stock updates.

Source:ย Jake Randall/Twitterย (viaย VGC)