Resident Evil Village Cheats Actually Make the Game Harder

Resident Evil Village Cheats Actually Make the Game Harder

PLITCH has released two new “Hardcore” hack codes for Capcom’s Resident Evil Village, which greatly increase the game’s difficulty.

Thanks to game customization website PLITCH, two new “Hardcore” hacks codes will provide a new degree of challenge to Resident Evil Village gamers. Resident Evil Village is a first-person survival horror game set a few years after Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Village’s gameplay is nearly identical to Biohazard. However, it includes a few aspects from prior Resident Evil games, such as the merchant’s return, who can sell you goods to help you progress through the game.

The story follows protagonist Ethan Winter, his wife, and their 6-month-old daughter three years after the events of Biohazard. However, his wife is assassinated by Chris Redfield, the protagonist of the Resident Evil series, who takes Winter and his daughter to a creepy Eastern European village. The titular village of Resident Evil is ruled by four demonic masters who terrify and tease Ethan with the help of their henchmen. To preserve his newborn daughter, Ethan is forced to undergo the horrors of this situation.

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PLITCH provides two new “Hardcore” hack codes to Resident Evil Village to help players along their journeys by boosting the game’s difficulty. PLITCH is a cheat-code generator that works with over 3,000 different PC games. The first tough hack code provided by PLITCH is completely free, and it resets players’ Lei to zero. The in-game money Lei is used to purchasing weapons, weapon upgrades, inventory expansions, recipes, and recovery supplies in Resident Evil Village. Limiting the quantity of in-game currency would be a true Achilles’ heel, as it is one of the most important components of going through Resident Evil Village.

The second tough cheat code in PLITCH is a paid-for premium feature. Players can use this cheat code to reduce their inventory to just one item. As a result, players will be required to deal with various threats while only having one resource available in their inventory. Players would have to employ near-perfect execution to progress, whether for a health item, extra ammo, or even another weapon – especially in the situation of many foes, which frequently results in Resident Evil Village‘s antagonists assaulting players all at once.

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While waiting for the Resident Evil Village DLC and Resident Evil RE: Verse, these hardcore cheat codes may give Resident Evil Village fans something to look forward to. Perhaps such cheat codes will encourage the Resident Evil franchise’s developers to offer fresh and intriguing challenges for players in the future.

Source: PlitchPlitch/YouTube