Resident Evil 3 Might Be Getting Its First Update Since 2020 Launch

Resident Evil 3 Might Be Getting Its First Update Since 2020 Launch

Details via the Resident Evil 3 Remake page in Steam Database suggest the title will receive its first update since the 2020 launch.

According to new QA branches within the Steam Database listing for Resident Evil 3 Remake, Capcom may update the title for the primary time since its early 2020 rollout. Resident Evil 3 Remake released on consoles and PC in April 2020 to middling review scores, failing to succeed in the horizontal bar set by its acclaimed predecessor, RE2 Remake.

Interestingly, RE3 Remake never received post-launch updates, though Capcom continued to support its multiplayer suite – Resident Evil Resistance – for several months. The multiplayer patches covered everything from gameplay adjustments and bug fixes to performance updates and balancing solutions. Free content updates surfaced every so often also, adding new Survivor skins, creatures, Skill Cards, and playable maps. Even Jill Valentine joined the web companion piece as a Survivor character, complete with cheesy quips ripped straight from the 90s.

As spotted by Wccftech, the Steam Database listing for Resident Evil 3 Remake boasts five new QA branches, the furthest of which matches back 12 days. At the time of writing, the most recent update within the listing occurred approximately 19 hours ago, with the outline “qa dev (TU1)” attached. TU1 presumably refers to Title Update 1, suggesting a post-release update of some kind could also be within the works for the Resident Evil entry.

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Because Capcom neglected to rollout post-launch updates for the remake, there is no way of knowing what this potential Title Update may entail. By comparison, patches for Resident Evil 2’s 2019 remake added bug fixes, stability adjustments, and free DLC within The Ghost Survivors content. Perhaps Capcom has similar plans in situ for last year’s Resident Evil outing?

The seminal survival horror brand had experienced a fantastic resurgence since the discharge of Resident Evil 7 in January 2017. RE7 gave the property a contemporary makeover, the foremost notable of changes being its transition from third-person to first. Resident Evil 2’s remake in 2019 kept the momentum going, though the comparatively disappointing launch of RE3 Remake did little to select up the pace. RE7’s sequel, the recently released Resident Evil Village, managed to require the series to new heights, moving over 4.5 million copies in just a few months. Capcom aims to maximize the success, too, previously announcing RE Village DLC that fans hope sheds more light on the Lords and woman Dimitrescu.

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