Report: iPad Pro Will Get OLED Displays, But Not Until 2022


OLED screens are on their way to iPad Guru, analysts assert. Do not expect it before 2022, nevertheless.

Apple was producing iPhones with a stunning OLED screen since 2017’s iPhone X. This year’s iPhone 12 show marked the first time that most of Apple’s brand new handsets came with OLED displays, which provide a range of benefits over LCDs –such as superior contrast, more excellent brightness, a broader color range, and much more.

Do not go expecting an OLED iPad Guru anytime soon, yet. As per a research note by Barclays analysts Blayne Curtis, Thomas O’Malley, Tim Long, and partners, an OLED iPad Pro will not send until 2022 in the oldest. That would be roughly half a decade because the screen technology landed on the iPhone.

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Bringing OLED Displays into iPad

The study note shared with MacRumors contradicts a recent report by TheElec, saying that Apple had an iPad Guru with an OLED screen scheduled for the latter half of 2021.

Apple’s current iPad Pro comes with an LCD screen. Apple is supposed to be shifting to Mini-LED screens for its iPad at a particular stage in the not too distant future, though it appears that OLED is your ultimate destination.

Apple’s newest iPad Pro upgrade in March 2020 was a relatively minor update. Its most significant changes have been increased RAM and storage alternatives, and a new LiDAR detector utilized for augmented reality capacities, a redesigned camera module, and an A12Z chip.

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Together with the more recent iPhones, Apple also uses OLED displays for the Apple Watch. However, fans will probably be waiting a little longer before that display technology finds its way to the iPad by the sound of things.