How to Easily Rename Your Pc in Windows 11

How to Easily Rename Your Pc in Windows 11

Here we can see, “How to Easily Rename Your Pc in Windows 11”

  • If you rename your computer, you can more easily recognize it on a network or while using another Bluetooth device to deliver files to it.
  • There are several other options besides using the Settings application to rename your computer quickly.
  • Using the Command Prompt may make the adjustment easier for you, depending on your degree of competence.

Your daily professional activities should include customizing your digital surroundings. There are several ways to do it, but today we’ll demonstrate how to rename your Windows 11 computer quickly.

We prepared 5 easily accessible choices that will just take a few seconds because it appears that many customers are worried about this aspect.

Let’s look at some critical justifications for renaming your computer as it is advised to do so.

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Why should I rename my PC in Windows 11?

    • Customize your digital workplace – Renaming your Windows 11 PC will allow you to recognize it more quickly if you use the same Microsoft account on many computers. This will personalize your digital workspace.
    • Use certain Internet service providers – Note that some ISPs require using a specific computer name so they can identify your PC, then validate your account. In case the Internet Service Provider requires a specific title, do not change the name they give you.

Let’s look at how to rename your Windows 11 computer after learning the reasons why you ought to.

How can I rename my PC in Windows 11?

1. Use the Settings menu

    1. After pressing the Windows key, access the Settings menu.
    2. On the System page, stay put.
    3. Look at the name of your PC on the right side, then click the Rename button.
    4. Click Next after entering the new computer name of your choice.
    5. Nou, in order for the new name to take effect, you must rename your PC.
    6. When you restart your computer, the modifications will appear in the Settings menu.

2. Modify the System Properties settings

    1. To open it, press the Windows key once more, then type sysdm.cpl.
    2. Continue to be on the Computer Name tab and then select the Change option.
    3. Type the new name you want in the Computer Name section, then click OK.
    4. Click Restart when prompted to reboot your computer.

3. Use the Control Panel

    1. Type Control Panel into the Windows key, then click to open it.
    2. Go to the System and Security section.
    3. Select the Allow remote access checkbox under the System section.
    4. Click the Change button after selecting the Computer Name tab.
    5. Type the new name you want in the Computer Name section, then click OK.

4. Run some commands in Command Prompt

    1. Your taskbar’s Windows icon should be clicked.
    2. Enter cmd, then select Run as an administrator with a right-click on the resulting link.
    3. Copy and paste the following command into the window that just opened, then hit the Enter key:
      • wmic computersystem where name="Present Name" call rename name="New Name"
    4. Now, the command will be executed.
    5. Next to the ReturnValue, look for 0.
    6. If it shows 5, it means that you haven’t launched the Command Prompt with administrator privileges.
    7. Restart the computer to apply the changes

Can I change the name of my Windows 11 Remote Desktop?

Some of you might require more specific names for different Windows 11 instances. And this occurs explicitly if your Remote Desktop Web Access server shows several applications or desktops.

You may do it quickly by logging in as an administrator to the Remote Desktop Session Host server.

Also, remember that only the Windows 11 Pro and Enterprise editions support remote desktops. If you’re using Windows 11 Home, you should utilize an appropriate remote desktop tool from a third party.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Why can’t I rename Windows 11 on my computer?

Try the following steps to troubleshoot the problem: Install all outstanding updates by going to Start > Settings > Update > Check for Updates. Check your computer’s ability to be renamed after restarting it. Your computer should restart to see if it has to be replaced.

2. What does Windows 11 call this computer?

You may find your computer’s name on the screen’s right side. Your computer name is also displayed in the Settings app’s About section. Navigate to Settings > System > About to access the About page. At the top of the page, you’ll see your computer’s name.

3. Why can’t I rename my computer?

To rename the PC, click the Rename PC button in the right column under PC by going to Start > Settings > System > About. Type the new name you want to give the computer after that. Remember that you cannot use spaces or some other special characters; if you do, you will receive the error message seen below.

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