Reflex SLR camera project appears to have come to an end

Reflex SLR camera project appears to have come to an end

Anyone who follows projects that begin on Kickstarter knows that simply because the project meets its funding goal doesn’t mean the merchandise will ever come to plug. History is filled with crowd-sourced funding projects that raise the cash the developers say they have to create products just for the merchandise never to surface. This appears to be the case with an SLR camera project that was first founded in late 2017.

At the time, the project raised £100,000 via Kickstarter with the promise of bringing the primary new manual SLR camera system to plug in 25 years. Note that this isn’t a DSLR; it’s an actual old-school film-based SLR camera. Unfortunately, reports indicate the people behind the project have shelved it indefinitely after burning through all of the cash raised on Kickstarter without completing the project.

Besides being a replacement film camera, its big claim to fame was a design that permits the lens and, therefore, the camera’s back to being swapped, allowing greater customization. the thought with the swappable back was that photographers could switch between different film types, say colour and black-and-white, without having to end the whole roll of film.

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The project had 464 backers who each pledged £350. The project had originally promised to deliver the Reflex SLR camera by August 2018. meaning the project is now three years overdue. Reports indicate one among the people behind the project, Von Thomas, recently held a public meeting with supporters of the project, letting them know the camera was 80 per cent complete but couldn’t be finished.

The key problem appears to be finding a shutter system for the camera. The team had hoped to use a Sony shutter, but it had been discontinued, and that they don’t have the technical expertise to make one in-house. It’s unclear if the investors will get a refund, but it’s unlikely.

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