Redmi Smart TV X55 Review: Design, Price, Specifications

Redmi Smart 4K Ultra-HD LED Android TV X55 Review

Here we can see, “Redmi Smart TV X55 Review: Design, Price, Specifications”

Redmi Smart TV X55 Summary

Xiaomi entered the television section in India again in 2018 using the Mi TV change, and some significant alterations are brewing just a tiny bit over three decades after. Though the Mi TV change has always been competitively priced, it seems to proceed towards its characteristics and positioning for the Mi version with a product reminiscent of smartphones and sound gear. Mi is assumed to be a superior version; Xiaomi’s additional value-for-money options right now are represented by Redmi, which has been spun off as another manufacturer in 2019.

The first sign that the Mi TV change was going the top way was the initiation of the Mi QLED TV 4K (Inspection ) in December 2020. This technique currently goes a step further with the initiation of the Redmi Smart TV vary. The first product with this model change is the X collection of big-screen Ultra-HD HDR LED TVs, with all the Redmi Smart TV X55, which I am reviewing.

Priced at Rs. 38,999, the Redmi Smart TV X55 is well-equipped and promises that the equivalent competent, reasonably priced excellent TV experience the Mi TV change has supplied within the past three decades. Within an increasingly more competitive segment, is the X55 the ideal affordably-priced 55-inch TV you should purchase appropriate now? Learn on this evaluation.

The Redmi Smart TV X55 remote (left) and Mi TV Stick remote (appropriate ) are functionally synonymous.

Redmi Smart TV X55 Specifications

Name Redmi Smart TV (X55)
Model X55
Type Android Smart TV
Design 4k UHD
Year March 2021
Market Status Available in India
Size 138.8 cm (55 Inch)
Screen Type LED
Resolution Ultra HD (4K), 3840 x 2160 Pixels
Viewing Angle 178 degree
Refresh Rate 60 Hz
Smart Features
Custom UI PatchWall
Processor Quad-core MediaTek MT9611 (A55)
GPU: Mali G52 MP2
Apps Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, Voot, Sony Liv, Sun Nxt, Zee5, Hungama Play, ALT Balaji, Viu, TVF Play, Flickstree
More Google Assistant, Chromecast
Inbuilt Memory 16 GB Storage
Speaker 30W (15W x 2) speakers
Technology Dolby Audio, DTS Virtual: X, Dolby Atmos
HDMI 3 x HDMI 2.1
Wi-Fi 802.11 ac (2.4GHz / 5GHz)
Ethernet (LAN) Yes
AV Yes
Headphone Yes
Antenna/Cable Input Yes
Bluetooth 5.0
Power Supply
Power Requirements/Voltage AC 100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz


Redmi Smart TV X55 design and specifications 

The Redmi Smart TV X Series is a much-needed upgrade for Xiaomi’s mainstream tv range, slotting to the trendy and aggressive cheap big-screen TV section. It extends up against competition from AmazonBasics, Hisense, and Vu, Amongst Others. There is no 43-inch Ultra-HD alternative, regardless of what most of this contest provides. Xiaomi has established this TV at 50-inch (X50), 55-inch (X55), and 65-inch (X65) sizes.

Redmi Smart 4K Ultra-HD LED Android TV X55 Review


The range begins at Rs. 32,999 for its 50-inch version. Priced at Rs. 38,999, the 55-inch Redmi Smart TV X55 might appear somewhat pricey. However, a closer look at current price corrections from the marketplace indicates that this is all about TV’s right with these attributes and specifications today.

It is an Ultra-HD LED TV using a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels and supports your Dolby Vision and HDR10+ large dynamic range formats. The TV has a rated audio output signal of 30W, and Dolby Audio is encouraged on its box speakers. In contrast, Dolby Atmos is encouraged for pass-through every time a compatible soundbar or speaker program is linked.

It is not a fancy-looking tv. However, the Redmi Smart TV X55 does not look shabby either; it’s a simple, discreet look, as you may expect for a good television of the dimension. This TV’s body is black plastic with slender black borders all over the display and a little Redmi emblem in the base, just over the indicator lighting. There’s a power button only supporting the indicator light to power up the TV. However, you will not be in a position to do anything else with no remote.

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The back of this TV includes a sizable Redmi emblem, but you are unlikely to see it considerably once the TV is installed.

The TV is powered with a Mediatek 64-bit quad-core chip, with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage for programs and program data. The Redmi Smart TV runs on Android TV 10, together with the inventory launcher in addition to Xiaomi’s PatchWall 3.6 user interface. The television ports and outlets are close to the left side of this display, with a few facing to the left along with others facing.

All three HDMI interfaces, both USB interfaces and the 3.5mm audio output to the rear, whereas the Antenna, AV input sockets, Optical audio output, an Ethernet jack each face downwards. All three HDMI interfaces are version 2.1, and the following interface also supports eARC. There is also Bluetooth connectivity for sound.

Stands for table mounting are contained in the box. However, these fix near the two corners of this TV, and so you are going to require a broad table or home entertainment device to set the Redmi Smart TV X55 on. A wall-mount kit is not contained in the sales package. However, the TV supports standard VESA wall mounts. Xiaomi’s tech will take a harmonious kit for this particular TV and have the ability to market it to you in the time of setup, if necessary.

Redmi Smart TV X55 remote and features

Though Xiaomi has established its newest TVs under a new brand, employing the Redmi Smart TV X55 feels familiar in a lot of ways. If it comes to the distance and attributes, the TV closely matches up using all the Mi QLED TV 4K introduced recently. The Redmi TV has the same distance, save for a Redmi emblem at the base rather than the far more common Mi emblem. Another somewhat annoying point is the provider STILL does not contain batteries to the remote in the box.

Redmi Smart 4K Ultra-HD LED Android TV X55 Review

Some program features linked into the distance have stuck around, including the capacity to invoke rapid settings within the content by long-pressing that the PatchWall button and instantly mute the TV from double-pressing down the volume button. It is the familiar, minimalist distance that I have written about in detail about multiple Xiaomi solutions. Many love the minimalism and simplicity, while others (such as myself) may get the button-filled, full-size remotes provided by a lot of the competition considerably more elastic and reassuring.

Additionally, it is worth mentioning here that the remote included with the inspection unit delivered to me strangely stopped working one day after preparing the TV. Once I’d recognized the issue and narrowed it down to the distance, I managed to swiftly set my Mi TV Stick distance using the Redmi TV and use this in precisely the same fashion as the tv’s very distance. Even though the Mi distance buttons have different icons, they are mapped to precisely the same purposes and operate identically.

Other characteristics of this Redmi Smart TV X55 comprise Google Assistant accessibility during the distance, which helps quickly locating content on the TV itself and for accessing info or controlling IoT solutions. Google Chromecast and Miracast will be convenient for people who prefer to use their phones to control and select content.

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Redmi Smart TV X55 software and interface

Android TV is one of the top platforms for intelligent televisions. Also, Xiaomi proceeds to stay to this familiar experience despite all the Redmi range. Like around the Mi QLED TV 4K, the Redmi Smart TV X55 runs Android TV 10, using the inventory Android TV launcher and the PatchWall user interface. You may opt to use either, or switching between them involves just pressing the remote’s right button.

Redmi Smart 4K Ultra-HD LED Android TV X55 Review

The software experience will probably be familiar if you have used a Mi TV. All effective programs and services are accessible; the Android TV interface comes with an app-first approach whilst PatchWall features curated articles and many recommendations based on classifications, new releases, and much more. Under Xiaomi, plenty of individuals prefer PatchWall because of their default launcher over Android TV, and that I see the charm in both ports.

The tv runs on Android TV 10, and you can choose between the PatchWall and inventory Android TV launchers.

While I favor the inventory launcher because of its own simplified and to-the-point design, PatchWall’s vibrant visual strategy is worth looking out for. I particularly appealed to PatchWall’s lists for Dolby Vision and HDR10 articles, providing me fast access to this best-looking content accessible across streaming programs and solutions.

Yet more, it is well worth pointing out that PatchWall does not provide any content of its own; it merely curates media from critical streaming solutions and puts several choices facing you. You’d still have to get subscribed to the services to have the ability to look at content. All effective programs and services are readily available to get on the Redmi Smart TV X55 without any significant exceptions, and browsing around both ports mainly was easy and hassle-free.

Lately, Xiaomi has comprised its Mi Home program with the Redmi Smart TV X55, which may be set up and utilized by the PatchWall launcher. After setup, you may use it to restrain any Xiaomi IoT apparatus you’ve got in your home. I managed to restrain my intelligent lights and Mi Air Purifier precisely as I would utilize the Mi Home smartphone program. It is a market use instance, but a good one to have yet.

Redmi Smart TV X55 performance

Xiaomi is no stranger to the successful use of cheap LED panels in its TVs, and also, the Redmi range expectedly places those panels to great use. Nevertheless, the performance of the Redmi Smart TV X55 is fair for its price tag. Still, it falls short of this quality I have seen on much significant competition, such as AmazonBasics and Hisense choices.

Redmi Smart 4K Ultra-HD LED Android TV X55 Review

The Redmi tv is technically and practically superior to the Mi TV 4X that it replaces. A huge reason for this is its capacity to exhibit Dolby Vision content and HDR10+, which creates a noticeable difference in the viewing experience with supported titles. The Redmi Smart TV X55 performed pretty well with Dolby Vision content and standard definition and 720p articles. For everything else at the center, the viewing experience was only about normal.

As always, I began with Dolby Vision articles, seeing a couple of episodes of season two of Snowpiercer on Netflix. I liked specific colors like skin tones, along the image was sharp and mainly smooth, with no noticeable artifacts from rapid movement. Bright scenes, for instance, outside, ice-filled setting of a few of those episodes, seemed incredible, and so were engaging and enjoyable to watch with all the brightness on the TV set to a moderate degree.

Where the Redmi Smart TV X55 does not match up is in replicating black levels. The LED backlighting will glow too bright, giving blacks a dull grey tone and slightly rough feel. The dark insides of this train at Snowpiercer, in addition to night vision footage from Night On Earth around Netflix, appeared fairly ordinary and too grey, even in contrast to contest like the AmazonBasics Fire TV Edition tv.

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Although black levels could theoretically be improved by lowering the brightness and backlight amounts, this was not a genuinely viable solution since I needed to maintain shifting image settings from scene to scene or get different displays. Sticking to one calibration setting made to get a possible viewing experience with the majority of articles, but I would not call it exceptional with top-notch Ultra-HD HDR displays and films.

For HDR10 and HDR10+, I saw Borat: After Moviefilm on Amazon Prime Video and looked at many of my customary sample movie clips. Fantastic HDR content appears almost as great as Dolby Vision, but I found the colors and definition somewhat too punchy, along with additional HDR formats. On an entry-level tv like the Redmi Smart TV X55, Dolby Vision makes a significant difference to the viewing experience as a result of its lively metadata and capacity to correct colors for the spectacle on the fly.

Seeing full-HD, 720p, and standard-definition material proved to be a mixed experience to the Redmi Smart TV X55. Oddly, SD and 720p content has been a good deal easier to view than full-HD, regardless of the apparent decrease in sharpness. Artifacts with rapid motion were observable across resolutions but appeared to be more extreme and deflecting with full-HD articles, especially in New Girl episodes on Disney+ Hotstar. Like Malcolm In The Middle, standard-definition material, although looking somewhat hazy, awarded the upscaling and how extensive this TV, was nevertheless a reasonably nice watch around the Redmi Smart TV X55, resulting from its sleek, simple image.

Even though Xiaomi’s televisions do not create the perfect sound even from the reasonably priced television room, they’ve generally been loud and fairly well-tuned. The Redmi Smart TV X55 is no exception; I had no complaints about this TV as it came to audio. In reality, the business has gone a bit further this time and enhanced the quantity moderation. Even at affordable volumes, music and dialogue are apparent, and that I did not hear any abrupt spikes, which are usually typical in this price segment.

Editor’s rating: 3.5 / 5


  • A lot of connectivity Choices
  • Dolby Vision, HDR10+

  • Great applications
  • Good audio quality

  • Good picture quality with 4K HDR articles


  • Poor black levels

  • Below-average functionality with full-HD articles
  • No batteries included for distant


The debut of the Redmi new from the television room may seem like a significant deal, but the Redmi Smart TV X55 is nearly precisely the same as the Mi TV scope during its core. That is not a bad thing in any way; along with the Redmi Smart TV, X55 is a much-needed upgrade to get a range that has been looking increasingly obsolete in the face of the terrific contest. In Rs. 38,999, the 55-inch model may appear a little pricey, but a cost correction to your TV area was due for a while now, and it is, in fact, quite reasonable for what is available by the current standards.

The total experience is good thanks to great applications, good sound, and sensible UI functionality. But, image quality falls a little short on the whole when compared to recent releases like the AmazonBasics Fire TV Edition) tv, which means you may want to check at competing choices before making a buy decision, especially if you would like to see a great deal of full-HD articles.