How to Recover Data From a Hard Drive

How to Recover Data From a Hard Drive

Here we can see, “How to Recover Data From a Hard Drive”

  • In most cases, data stored on a hard drive is secure, but not always.
  • Knowing how to recover data from a corrupted or deleted hard drive is crucial.
  • The fundamental procedures you must take to recover data from an HDD are all covered in this article.
  • There are manual methods and third-party tools listed in the solutions.

Since everything is saved on them, including both system-related and personal data, hard drives are essential for any PC or laptop. They are also getting bigger every year.

Hard drives don’t simply get bigger; they also get safer and are less prone to corruption, which explains our propensity to store even more data on them without considering backups.

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Unfortunately, being safer and more resistant to corruption does not equate to being incorruptible, as hard drives might suffer from hardware or software defects that render them unreadable.

The largest problem arises when there is a lot of data on those hard disks. As we’ve already indicated, you might not have thought to back up elsewhere either, making recovering that data your first priority.

Today, we’ll go through many ways to recover data from hard drives while giving you step-by-step instructions and visuals so you can understand exactly what must be done.

How can I recover data from a Hard Drive?

1. Boot in Safe Mode

Depending on the Windows version you are running, this process will vary as follows:

    1. When Windows 7 starts, press F8
      • Choose Safe Mode from the menu.
    2. When Windows 8 or later starts, press F8 or Shift + F8 to access the menu.
      • Choose Safe Mode from the list.
    3. To find the information you’re looking for, use Windows File Explorer.
    4. Then, save them to a new type of storage.

Once the transfer is complete, clean your PC with a third-party PC optimizer and cleaner, an antivirus program, or just perform a full reset to ensure that whatever initially caused the issue is resolved.

2. Try recovering your data manually

We’re going to go through how to recover data from a corrupted hard disk without using specialized third-party software, as was described in the prior solution:

    1. But, your laptop or computer’s hard disk should be removed first.
    2. Replace the system’s current hard drive with your old one to connect your old hard disk to it.
      • It can also be inserted into a different port.
      • If it doesn’t work, you’ll have to purchase an enclosure with the necessary specifications for your hard drive.
    3. You can use a USB cable to link the HDD to another PC after placing it in an enclosure.

Data recovery from a password-protected HDD is described here:

    1. Right-click one of these two directories, depending on the version of Windows you’re using:
      • Users Folder
      • Documents and Settings
    2. Go to Advanced under the Security tab.
    3. Select Edit under Owner on the Owner tab.
    4. Replace owner on sub-containers; objects can be selected by clicking on Administrators.
    5. When presented with a confirmation notice, click OK first, then Yes.

3. Use a third-party data recovery tool

Using specialized third-party data recovery software is the quickest and most effective approach to recovering data from an HDD or SSD, regardless of how it became corrupted in the first place.

Additionally, typical methods of data recovery, like the ones detailed after this approach, necessitate some prior PC skill, leaving nothing else for newbies to do.

Even if the HDD had a complete PC reset, Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition is a free data recovery solution that will give you all the data back.

    1. Installing Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition after downloading it.
    2. The data type you want to recover should be chosen.
    3. Decide the medium you wish to retrieve your data from.
    4. Select between a quick scan and a thorough scan.
    5. Press Scan and Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition will search for all relevant data.
    6. The number of files that have been discovered and the amount of data that can be recovered will then be communicated to you in a message.
    7. Select the data that you want to recover.
    8. Decide where you want the recovered data to be stored on your computer.
    9. Wait for the Free edition of Stellar Data Recovery to perform the recovery.

4. Use the help of your local PC repair centers

The cost of this method is arguably the highest of all those discussed above, but because we’re talking about giving your HDD to a third-party PC repair shop, at least you know that your gear is in good hands.

So, just bring your laptop or desktop to the nearby repair shop, explain what you want to recover, and wait for a call from them.

You should be able to successfully recover the data from your hard disk by following these instructions. However, remember that even if you take the hard drive to a PC repair shop, there may not be much that can be done if it has suffered substantial physical damage.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. What is the price of recovering data from a hard drive?

What is the price of recovering data from a hard drive? Based on these considerations, basic hard disk data recovery costs are typically between $100 and $700. The cost is often based on the extent of the damage and the steps necessary to retrieve the data.

2. Can ancient hard drives be used to recover data?

By attaching the dead computer’s hard drive to a working computer, you can try to recover the data on your own. You can then access that hard drive through My Computer or File Explorer to view and copy files from it, supposing the hard disk is still operating.

3. Are hard drives recoverable?

A professional data recovery service can retrieve files from a failing hard drive. However, recovery software cannot recover data from failed hard drives because it needs access to the operating system’s device.

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